Cocoa is considered a drink of childhood, because it was prepared for Breakfast moms, grandmothers, and filed in kindergartens and schools. I remember in my childhood my grandmother cooked cocoa in a huge pot on the stove, where there was fresh milk and cocoa powder. At the end of cooking added sugars. Grandma was then cooled it in large bowls with cold water and gave us his all in the heat. She named him kofy, for me it is one of the most beautiful memories of my childhood. After how many years, I have not ceased to love coffee, but the taste, the grandmother’s kofy, to achieve the impossible.”

For the preparation of cocoa need water itself cocoa powder, milk, sugar, and whisk. Immediately boil water and fall asleep there sugar with cocoa, carefully breaking all the Corolla. At the end of the process is added to

hot milk. The Corolla in this process plays an important role. Thanks to him, the cocoa makes a delicious, tender and airy foam, which millions of people have loved this aromatic drink.

Cocoa in this form, as we are accustomed to use, familiar to people only since the 19th century. Though cocoa beans were known and used much earlier. Cocoa beans hidden in the flesh of the fruit of the chocolate tree 30 – 40 pieces. They do not possess in themselves any special flavor and aromatic properties. To obtain a flavor and aroma characteristic of chocolate and cocoa powder, cocoa beans should be subjected to certain processing.

The cultivation of cocoa has been known since the ancient Maya and Aztecs, who inhabited Central America and Mexico. Fruit quenches thirst and hunger, treating a lot of diseases and explained the structure of the world, seeds often used as calculations. Prepared from cocoa, and a special drink.

The first cocoa beans to Europe brought Christopher Columbus. Initially no one paid attention. And only when one of the companions of Columbus prepared from them a magic drink cocoa Spaniards appreciated. However, it took almost a hundred years before this drink is tested in other countries. In France, he came as a gift to the Royal court. At the same time, thanks to the Florentine, Corletti, had brought from India, this miracle powder, cocoa became known in Italy. It is believed that from Italy the chocolate drink was in most of Europe. And in the 19th century the popularity of the chocolate and cocoa reached and Asia.

The use of cocoa

Cocoa is very useful in cardiovascular diseases, it dilates the blood vessels, reducing the risk of blood clots, and can reduce the pressure. In cocoa contains substances that reduce the risk of cancer. A drink made from cocoa normalizes the functioning of the pancreas and promotes liver detoxification. Cocoa helps in diarrhea.

It contains three times more antioxidants. In cocoa contains sulfur, so necessary for the beauty of nails and hair. Cocoa is a product that contains a maximum amount of magnesium, which is necessary for us to Wake up, so people who suffer from chronic fatigue and drowsiness, this drink is simply indispensable in their diet. Cocoa perfectly stimulates mental activity and raises concentration.

Harm cocoa

As strange as it sounds, but cocoa can be addictive, however it can happen if you drink more than three cups a day. Also cocoa can affect the change in the mood, so it can not be used people who are prone to bouts of anxiety and panic. Cocoa is wonderful invigorating – it contains about 5 mg of caffeine, so it shouldn’t drink before bedtime.

The best option if the cocoa is not more than two cups early in the day, then it’ll make you stronger and will give energy and strength for the whole day. It should be remembered that in a soluble cocoa may contain various chemical additives, not bringing your body good.

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