And do you know how to cook them properly

Properly cooked vegetables are not only taste but also good health, and in some ways the cure

Vegetables cook

Her coming to visit me niece and cried in a vest ’ s complained to the mother-in-law that the vegetables are starting to cook in cold water. Is it right? Of course, I immediately read her a lecture about the rules of cooking vegetables to preserve maximum nutrients – vitamins, minerals

and so on.

The rules are simple: laying the products only in boiling water, the water should be pre-salted, the amount you need to pre-measure water to just cover the vegetables – finger on top, then bring vegetables to a boil over high heat, diminish it to the most minimum and so zavarivaem until tender. Snap!

The niece listened to me, calmed down and cheered up a bit from the consciousness that she was right, but I, on the contrary, he became very sad and thoughtful: but whether rights I?

Age-in-law I am aware of – old, but that’s about it sores I know nothing. Suddenly she has problems with the gastro-intestinal tract and must get rid of organic acids, which are very much in vegetables? Or perhaps she has gout?

Purine bases is known to play a major role in the delay of uric acid in the body and the deposition of salts in body tissues. And the same purines not only in meat but also in vegetables. For example, quite a lot of purine bases are: sorrel, spinach, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, peas, beans, lentils, peanuts – Yes, almost all legumes. Now note – this is very important: many are not even aware that the “vegetable” purines exist in traditional beverages such as black tea, coffee and cocoa. But about the drinks – that’s just the way it is written, and now back to the vegetables.

If for medical reasons you need to get rid of certain substances found in vegetables, but vegetables are better to lay in cold water, and pour water a little more, and the boiling must be intense, all or at least most of the unwanted substances passed into the broth, which then, naturally, you just need to pour.

But this is very individual, but in General, of course, for cooking vegetables are two claims – so they were crispy and retains nutrients.

To cooking vegetables it only remains to add that there are samudavanija vegetables. For example, such as beets, carrots, potatoes, asparagus, green beans and all green beans.

Bring them on the stove until done – it is to digest. It would be better to remove them earlier and leave the lid on for 10-30 minutes depending on the vegetable and its size. Now as time went potatoes, and there are a lot of vitamin C. what a shame it will all boil. So try to remove it from the stove earlier and to bring it to completion in a hot pan under the lid.

Here a few words must be said about cooking fruit. It is sometimes necessary for a culinary recipe or for medical reasons. For example, pear, peach, Apple is very desirable, and in its raw form cannot. Then they can boil. For maximum safety of vitamins fruit needs to be cooked at a temperature of 70-75 degrees. It looks like this: the water wants to boil, but only slightly varies. The fruit must be completely covered with water. The pan in any case not the cover, otherwise the water temperature will increase.

Vegetables soar

Talking about cooking vegetables we started because that is how they are often cooked. And it is in vain. Best – to – steamed. And even better – in the skin. Cooking, by the way, too.

In my opinion, this kind of cooking vegetables has three advantages. First, much easier. Washed, laid out on the rack in the pot of water (you can put in a metal colander or a special basket), covered them – and no problems. Secondly, nutrients are stored in the maximum number. Thirdly, due to the fact that they will not be absorbed by water, as in cooking, the vegetables have a very different flavor.

A couple can cook almost any vegetable, except dense – beets, potatoes, pumpkin… Cooks in this list have made, and carrots. I don’t agree with them. She personally carrots cooked for a couple ’ s good at it.

As for dense vegetables, they can first boil briefly, and then bring it to readiness for a couple – if you have the desire or necessity very to preserve the vitamins. Although, in my opinion, than to suffer so, it is better to get vitamins from other sources.

Vegetables and simmer priusquam

It turns out very tasty in both cases. Vegetables are stewed in their own juice, and turns up in a very small amount of water over very low heat. Nutrients is retained significantly longer than the cooking, which is also important.

But there is one “but”. In a sauce steamed vegetables move more and substances that are undesirable in certain diseases (same purines or organic acids, for example), and in small quantity of water, their concentration is very high. And stewed vegetables, of course, there’s more. This should always be taken into account.

Vegetables fry

Roasting vegetables (as well as meat and fish products) – the most paradoxical way of cooking. On one hand it is not very useful, because unstable vitamins are destroyed thoroughly. And on the other – nothing beats the delicious taste of fried foods, because the Golden brown locks inside the substance, as the one sin that is banned, so sweet. Or maybe just the opposite.

In General, experts are now trying to invent different ways of frying to combine virtually incompatible, and to walk with the two ends to the Golden mean. Given it is hard, but some advice for you.

First, the nutrients from destruction prevents the breading – in breadcrumbs or flour. Secondly, a very important temperature. The most unstable water soluble vitamins are destroyed at 120 degrees, so not too rascality the pan.

Vegetables with individual characteristics

There are. For example, asparagus. It shoots very unequally – at the base are thick and rough, and the tops are thin and delicate. So to boil it in order to preserve the nutrients, have some skill. Tie in a bunch, bind the sheaves, to put it in a tall narrow pot with boiling water, the water should be poured only 2-3 cm, and cover with lid (or a second pan). Then a tighter base will be left in the water, and the tender tops – for a couple. Not only digest – 5-6 minutes would be sufficient.

Brussels sprouts Housewives don’t like to cook, and all because while the lower part of kosanica cooked, the upper leaves become blurred. That cabbage is cooked evenly, on the bottom you need to make a cruciform incision.

The same problem happens when cooking broccoli. To store nutrients, especially beta-carotene, better cook it on a couple.

Sweet peppers (they are the same – Bulgarian) for business use it is better to bake it in the oven. It is very simple – put the peppers on the grill or baking sheet and flip them until they are soft and the skin starts to bubble.

Eat vegetables which lose their color after cooking. This grief, too, can help. Colored vegetables (especially green ones) you need to cook in an open pan with salt. This time. Before cooking any dish, you need to pre-blanch – that is, literally, 30 seconds to boil in water or just hold it in the boiling water first, then add into the food. That’s two. If the vegetables are just cooked and immediately served, they should be literally a couple of seconds to lower into the icy water to seal in color. Except broccoli – it lay on the towel and gently dried.

Be sure to blanch the cabbage, the cabbage and the eggplant before cooking in the dish to get rid of bitterness.

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