Cocoa benefit or harm for children

Cacao is an evergreen tree that originates from sub-Equatorial regions of South America.

Since cocoa is a very valuable product, the fruit beans are widely used. Milled beans lend themselves to the press, and thus cocoa butter, which is simply indispensable in the confectionery industry, as a major constituent of chocolate, in the perfume industry for manufacturing

high-quality ointments in pharmacology. Dried residues of the technological process of compression is used for making cocoa drink that is so delicious and a favorite of everyone both adults and children. In agriculture cocoa is also good to use, namely the remains of the husk of the beans are used as feed for various livestock.

Unfortunately, in our time on the shelves it is difficult to find products for cooking which really use real butter from cocoa beans, as manufacturers, are replacing it, often add other ingredients in the product.

In the beans have a lot of active substances, and can speak about its harm and health benefits.

The benefits of consuming cocoa:

— has a wonderful soothing effect on the body;

— a good remedy for emotional disorders;

— thanks to melanin, which is composed of cocoa butter, the body is protected from sunlight, and thus the negative thermal effects;

— the useful minerals have a regenerating, antioxidant, immune-stimulating actions;

— a significant improvement in quality mental work;

— good natural remedy for the treatment of colds, quickly and naturally restores strength and energy after illness;

— prevention of the occurrence of various tumors;

— the improvement of the cardiovascular system;

— the restoration of the muscular system.

It is important to remember that can benefit only high-quality cocoa, without harmful chemical element and impurities, which is stored in the specific rules of sanitary safety.

Harm cocoa on the body:

— a small caffeine content should be considered when the amount of its use, without harm to the nervous system;

— young children under 3 years are not desirable intake of cocoa, as it can be too stimulating to act on their nervous system;

— allergic reactions;

— violations of metabolism in the body in which you cannot eat foods that contain purines;

— hyperactivity;

— weight, since cocoa is quite nutritious product.

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