Cocoa when beremennosti

Many women, being in the “interesting” position, recall our favorite childhood drink cocoa. But pregnancy dictates its own terms, and many of the familiar and favorite foods are forbidden. Doctors say that a soluble cocoa during pregnancy can bring both benefit and harm.

The use of cocoa with milk

Cocoa is a wonderful antidepressant for pregnant women with their tearfulness, depression and irritability is a real boon. Just one Cup of this wonderful drink can cheer up and energize for the whole day. Similar properties due to the content in cocoa phenylethylamine – a substance that helps to cope with depression, gives joy and a sense of peace.

In cocoa contains zinc, iron and folic acid. so the drink can become an additional source of vitamins. In addition, the composition of the protein is also present, which is extremely important for a pregnant woman.

Cocoa butter during pregnancy is recommended for women with low blood pressure. The caffeine content in the drink improves blood pressure, energizes and gives vitality. In addition, cocoa is useful to maintain skin elasticity, it is also important during pregnancy.

Harm cocoa

Despite the benefits of cocoa, the drink can also bring harm. The fact is that cocoa is a strong allergen, which is hypersensitive expectant mother might react to drink in unpredictable ways. Cacao is also contraindicated women suffering from hypertension. Because the beverage increases blood pressure, pregnant women with similar disease from cocoa should be abandoned.

One of the reasons of the ban on consumption of cocoa butter during pregnancy is the property of the drink affect the absorption of calcium. Everyone knows that a sufficient amount of calcium in a woman’s body during pregnancy is the main condition for the normal growth and development of the fetus. The lack of trace element affects not only the formation of the skeleton, but also on the health of the mother have problems with teeth, nails and hair. Cocoa not only prevents the absorption of calcium, but also contributes to its rapid removal from the body.

Nesquik cocoa in pregnancy

Given the fact that cocoa has useful properties and has a number of contraindications, before drinking the beverage, you should consult with your doctor. If the specialist was allowed to drink 1-2 cups per day, you should carefully approach the choice of the drink.

Today the market offers products from several manufacturers including ready Nesquik cocoa. On the one hand, the product is easy to use, but if you carefully read the packaging, you can find not quite a few “desirable” components among which the flavouring and emulsifier. Of course, if you want you can eat and drink, but many physicians prefer conventional cocoa custard.

Cocoa butter during pregnancy: the benefits and harms

Useful properties also has cocoa butter, which many women use as a weapon against stretch marks. cellulite and excess weight. Cocoa butter improves skin elasticity, preventing the appearance of stretch marks and also has wound-healing effect.

A contraindication for use of this tool is a possible allergic reaction, because cocoa butter, like the drink itself, is a strong allergen. In any case, before drinking it or using cocoa butter is best to consult a doctor.

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