Coconut-Ginger tea Nutiva 250g

Coconut-ginger tea – is an innovative breakthrough among those present on the world market for granulated drinks!

A great drink that is very easy and simple to prepare both at home and abroad. Just add a couple of tablespoons in a Cup of cold or hot water. Our drink has a rich, distinctive flavor with the spicy taste of ginger, creamy notes of

coconut and caramel sweetness of the coconut sugar.

100% environmentally friendly product;

does not contain preservatives;

not an allergen;

contains no GMOs;

does not contain chemical additives;

without colors and flavors;

no artificial vitamins.

Our product brought to perfection and beverage nutrition. But the healing properties are dominated nutritious:

contains vitamin A and C, therefore, will protect you from many colds;

helps weight loss and eliminate toxins from the body, helps to find harmony;

improves digestive processes; enhances sexual potency;

has a low glycemic index will help to control the sugar level in the blood;

facilitate the supply of oxygen in the blood, which increases mental alertness and performance;

relieves headaches and pain from injuries;

by potassium, zinc, magnesium in ginger beverage, it helps strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels.


Coconut-ginger drink warms and keeps heat in the body in winter. In the East of ginger drinks are considered aphrodisiacs and are called “love drinks”.

We know what we’re doing.

We produce a drink with a high concentration of nutrients and vitamins, for this we collect the juice of the Mature root ginger and the juice of the coconut palm, mix the two juice and put in the sun until all the moisture has evaporated. After which the container is placed in the shade, where it undergoes a process of crystallization. The process is exactly the same as in the crystallization of our coconut sugar. The mixture of juices gently passed through a fine grater, thus, the smallest granules (very similar to powder) which are perfectly soluble in water.

The difference in the quality of the product.

Our drink different drinks from other manufacturers so that we do not use any artificial sweeteners or flavors. Other manufacturers often add artificial sweeteners in their drinks, which can cause diabetes and obesity.

Powder coconut-ginger drink can be used in cooking not only drinks, but also other dishes and desserts. In the recipes offered on our site, you can find a lot of options for cooking biscuits, gingerbread, cakes, pies, jams with the addition of coconut and ginger powder.

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