Eastern tale – the Delicious life

Hi, we, Vlad and Leo. Love to travel, to draw, to photograph and just contemplate the beauty around. Here we will tell you about the food of different Nations, their customs and traditions in cooking and eating. I’m a vegetarian, I will tell you about the vegetarian cuisine of different countries. And from the Lion we learn about the taste and characteristics of food that content meat and fish.

We are already more than five months are in the way, we have something to share with you!

Uzbekistan is a country of antiquities, Oriental palaces, beautiful mosques, original culture and traditions. The ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, struck by its beauty and grandeur.

When you walk through the narrow streets of Khiva, if you get into another universe, East the tale of Aladdin.

There is a very varied cuisine. And I and Leo have always been pleased with the food. Eat Uzbeks sitting on the floor at the low table or dastarkhan (tablecloth), it is customary to eat with your hands. So happy to finally get deft movement to soleplate pilaf from sending your little bundle in his mouth not spilling.

I was very pleased with Bukhara pilaf, I was his cook at home for a couple of years. The whole point of the dish is that instead of meat and put raisins in there, yummy.

In Uzbekistan there are many kinds of pilaf: Samarkand, Fergana, winter, summer, holiday. In each region it is prepared in its own way. Somewhere more dry, somewhere so greasy that the rice is swimming in fat, somewhere with a very large number of carrots.

Everywhere is preparing his men, in a special boiler, mainly on an open fire. Pilaf happens with a variety of ingredients, beef or lamb, barberries, raisins, dried apricots, saffron, and assorted vegetables. But in any pilaf strictly present rice, carrots and onions. Here we first met the yellow carrots. It tastes the same as the familiar orange.

In many places in the country eating porridge made of corn flour, two species under the names “bulimic” and “quiapo”. The first is prepared with milk, then added sauteed ground beef with onions. Tender and tasty dish. The second is a vegetarian option. Bring the cream to a boil, then put fresh cheese and pour in sour milk. When the mixture begins to boil, a thin stream pour in the beaten eggs and stirring constantly, cook until the consistency of thick cream. Very satisfying and interesting taste.

Often meet all sorts of milk-based drinks, type of Ira. When cooking soups occasional use of sour milk. These soups come with meat and without, cold and hot. For example, calop – cold Uzbek soup. It is made from sour milk, water, radishes, cucumbers and greens. Very similar to the hash. Still have mastava soup of vegetables and meat when serving, add sour milk, pepper and herbs.

On the territory of Uzbekistan grows a lot of Mary (small green beans native to India) and because of this there are lots of dishes with it. Mashuga soup Masha with rice, tomatoes, barberries, carrots and all sorts of spices. Simon – mash with corn flour, sour cream and melted butter. Even shurpa-mash – tomato soup from mutton, Mary, carrots, ghee, onion and spices. Mosorin soup of lamb, tail fat, mungbean, rice, carrots, tomato and greens.

In Uzbekistan make a good stew with quince, incredibly delicious. And famous damlama stewed on low heat, until the vegetables with the meat for 3 hours, simply delicious. Even the lion loved the Naryn – cold crisp noodles with horse sausages called kazy.

Invariably on the table are the pellets, they are very different, puff, corn, onions or cottage cheese with sesame seeds, not perishable Samarkand and many others. They are cooked in tandoori oven. Bread is considered sacred in Uzbekistan, if someone goes for a long time, he eats a piece of cake, but the cake kept until his return. The bread is not cut, but broken by hand.

Every meal starts with tea and sweets and ends the same. Tea I drink mostly green without sugar. And Uzbek sweets …um… which are not only. Traditional halva and baklava, Nadab – boiled grape sugar with spices, crunchy nuts in the glaze, cookies Kush-tili. And that alone is worth quince stuffed with nuts, and eat her. There is gentle Nichola – whipped with sugar and protein herbs and sweet sumalak – a thick sweet and homogeneous mass, which is made from wheat germ. In the market you can buy delicious dried melon and a variety of sticks (crispy fried pieces of sweet dough), of which the whole series here.

Uzbekistan we loved it. Will definitely be back here. And I’ll buy the famous Uzbek fabric and sew a dress. And then we’ll stop for all the incredible gifts created by talented local craftsmen, of which there are an incredible array.

I would also like to go here to learn wood carving and to see the sights that we had not managed to see.

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