Ginger for weight loss recipes

Ginger ― a refined Oriental spice, known for its healing properties. Today we will talk about how you can use it to become slim and beautiful. Here they are, beauty recipes! Burn!

All my friends hype up the tea with ginger, only positive reviews. Still! He became so popular that it eclipsed all known diets for their effectiveness. Below I reveal to you

the recipes of this miracle drink, and yet tell how ginger helps you lose weight.

Also read our article about the beneficial properties of ginger .

Depending on the methods of cooking tea acts on the body in different ways: refreshing, invigorating, helps to quickly lose weight, detoxify or directed on improvement of a condition of a cold or disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.


But it is not necessary to lose weight thus to the detriment of their health in the presence of chronic diseases. Ginger tea is not recommended for allergies, gallstones, ulcers and ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, problems with the cardiovascular activity. During pregnancy and lactation before the use of ginger should consult your physician!

So, in the absence of all of the above, you can safely begin to dump excess weight. Sure one of these recipes will be able to choose the most suitable way for you fast and effective weight loss.

Recipes with ginger for weight loss:

1. Basic ginger tea recipe for weight loss

Clean small ginger root, and grate on a fine grater. Take 2 tablespoons of raw material in a quart jar, add some honey and 60 ml lemon juice pour boiling water over. Let infuse for 30-60 minutes, after which you can drink ginger tea for weight loss.

If you first use this root for weight loss start with half a Cup, gradually increasing the amount of drinking the tea to 2 quarts a day.

Video about how to make ginger tea:

2. Ginger for weight loss when a large weight

If thoroughly decided to lose weight, it is possible to enhance the effect of root ginger, use a garlic (read about the beneficial properties of garlic ). This burning product is excellent “chases” the digestive and metabolic processes, enhancing the slimming effect. To prepare 2 liters of tea, you’ll need ginger root (4 cm), 2 cloves of garlic, boiling water cool. Finely chop the garlic and ginger ― thin plates, as chips. Put all in a bowl, cover with boiling water. Infusion strain through cheesecloth and drink throughout the day.

3. For lovers of mint and cardamom

For me personally, tea with cardamom ― it is a breath of freshness to impart vivacity and good mood. If you share that opinion, then try instead of the usual black tea to cook ginger, but with the addition of these ingredients. Especially a good drink in the summer.

To start grind in a blender fresh mint leaves (60 g) and half of the ginger root. Add to the mix a pinch of ground cardamom and pour boiling water. Infuse for half an hour. And now, to give a delightful freshness and exceptional taste, add to the strained mixture 1/3 Cup lemon and 50 g of orange juice. Drink drink chilled.

4. Green tea & ginger slimming

In all diets as a beverage you can drink it black, but is green tea. Brew it in the usual way, pour into a thermos, add some dried minced ginger. 30 minutes later the drink is ready for consumption. Drink it hot. It not only speeds up the metabolism, forcing the body to get rid of excess fat, but also eliminates cough, removes harmful substances, has a positive effect on the skin.

Well, if there is a grass of a yarrow flowers black elderberry or peppermint. They can be added to ginger tea, a little by insisting mixture. This recipe is effective in disorders of the stomach.

5. Dietary fruit and vegetable salad with horned root

Be aware that ginger for weight loss is not just about the tea. Gives good results fruit and vegetable salad with ginger. Many people are surprised to hear that ginger can be eaten raw and even pickled, well, this is Japanese cuisine. For now we will analyze salad recipe. You will need 1 part ginger root, orange peel and celery; 2 parts of lemon and baked in the oven with the beets, and 3 parts of fresh carrots. Chop all ingredients, mix, add vegetable oil, no salt! It is useful to eat this salad 2 times a week, restricting itself to fatty, sugary, canned and smoked products.

6. Weight loss in Japanese: pickled ginger

Many have to taste pickled root. It’s just unusual! Differently you will not tell. In Japan, pickled ginger is often used as a remedy for aging. It also has useful vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential oils that improve endurance.

Substances in pickled ginger increases metabolism, which helps speed up dropping extra pounds.

Surprise your loved ones by preparing pickled ginger! You will need:

ginger ― 300 g

wine vinegar ― 0.5 hours spoon

red wine ― 3 tbsp.

sugar ― 1.5 tbsp

water ― 4 tbsp

pinch of salt


Peel the root, cut it into thin plates against the fibers, place in a pot, completely pour with boiling water. Salt and cook for 4 minutes. After that, drain and cool.

How to prepare the marinade: dissolve sugar in hot water, pour the specified amount of vinegar, wine, stir.

Pour the cooled marinade ginger, leave with the lid closed for 3 days (keep at room temperature). Prepared pickled ginger, use for meat, sushi or fish. Store in a cold place. Cook also pickled cabbage with ginger twice a week, ― this will help get rid of excess weight, since cabbage is also considered to be the best product for losing weight (fat burner).


In the presence of acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, gastric ulcer, 12 duodenal ulcer, etc.) the use of ginger should be limited so as not to cause exacerbation of the disease.

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