Ginger tea

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Despite the name, ginger tea do not. The ginger adds to the already traditional brewed tea. Moreover, tea leaf, you can use any, its essence does not change, as long as the ginger was fresh, at least — not ground.

Ginger tea (I guess I should say), can be called a

universal remedy for winter colds and flu. Especially if you add to drink lemon and honey. The fact that ginger has the unique ability to “heat up” the body from within, and even many viruses and bacteria kills.

To get a healthful beverage

Brew tea, preferably green, in the usual proportions. Grate or just cut into small slices fresh ginger root (about 1 cm per Cup) and put it in the teapot. To insist all together about 10 minutes, definitely warm – you can put the pot on the warm burner, about the battery, or simply cover with a towel, folded several times. Prepared a ginger tea to pour into a Cup, add a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

Or. Dry/ fresh ginger root boiled in water for 5 minutes (per 1 cm of root about 100 ml water). This broth to pour tea brew, brew as usual and drink. For larger warming effect can add a bit of red hot pepper.

What else “can” ginger tea?

He improves cerebral blood circulation, tones (but not perevozbujdenia), improves memory and ability to concentrate, thins the blood (like aspirin), regulates digestive system, reduce gas (bloating).

So ginger tea is appropriate to drink instead of a morning Cup of coffee, at elevated mental stress, those who have the propensity to thrombosis, digestive problems. Generally, ginger tea can rightly be called the “elixir of youth” — with regular use the skin becomes smooth and elastic and clears pimples and blackheads, wrinkles are visibly reduced, the joints become more elastic and flexible.

For those who wants to lose weight . ginger tea will also be helpful. He is great and quenches your hunger, especially in this format: 3 cm root pour a glass of boiling water for 20 minutes, add a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey. This recipe, in addition, stimulates the breakdown of fat (stored by the body) toxins. Beauty – face (and not only)!

Well proved to be a tea of ginger in the treatment of children’s tummies . Children, because they often eat what you don’t need much or more than you have or do everything and somehow. The result is a stomach ache, suffering from “gas” and overall not good. And so, in such moments, you can give the child a ginger tea: fresh or dry root (2 cm) to grind, boil (200 ml) over a low fire for 5 minutes, cool under the hood, add a little sugar (optional). Drink warm, 1-2 tbsp 2-3 hours, until the condition returns to normal.

Well, if you do not like ginger tea, you can make mulled wine or Mead with ginger. Well, or drink ginger ale. The main thing – to adhere to reasonable amounts.

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