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Cook your own Irish cream liqueur at home, because it is natural, tasty and very aromatic drink! We all know the popular Baileys (Baileys), Carolans (Carolans), Dantis (Dunphy’s), sun Brendans (Saint Brendan’s), etc. Their rich, creamy flavor with hints of condensed milk, cocoa and a rich aroma of caramel. Full-bodied and very smooth taste makes these liquors perfect drink for any occasion. But how

to cook them yourself, because the price leaves much to be desired?

Rest assured, once you make this liqueur with your hands, you’ll never buy Irish Cream in the store! It makes no sense, because this Irish cream will change your perception of these beverages as such, and then the rest of your life. Because it is subtle, soft, gentle and balanced creamy taste with notes of milk chocolate and vanilla will take you somewhere far away for a long time.

This time we will make a mint chocolate version of the famous Irish cream . He will, however creamy, smooth, smooth, sweet (but not cloying), heady and refreshing than the original, but will also have a thick and delightful chocolate mint flavors.

Homemade Irish cream liqueur will be ready in just 5 minutes!

Yield: about 4.5 cups.

400 g condensed milk; 240 ml heavy cream; 4 large eggs; 2 tablespoons of pure mint extract (available at pharmacies); 60 g chocolate syrup (make your own: 0.5 tbsp. cocoa powder, 0,5 glass of water, a few crystals of salt, vanilla to taste and 0.75 tbsp. sugar, all ingredients to melt on low heat or water bath for about 3 minutes); 2 tablespoons of ground espresso coffee (you can substitute granulated instant coffee); 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, paste or vanilla; 225-340 g oz Irish whiskey (depending on how strong you want the liqueur).

1. Prepare the chocolate sauce. Blend in blender all ingredients except whiskey and whisk until smooth and foamy, about 15-30 seconds.

2. Pour whiskey and whisk the mixture.

3. Replace the gauze filter bowl and pour Irish liqueur through it, leaving all the clumps of eggs or leftover coffee beans on the gauze.

4. Using a funnel pour the Irish cream liqueur into a clean, sterilized bottle.

End date storage Irish cream liqueur will come after 30 days from the date of its preparation, but is worth considering that an open bottle must be stored in the refrigerator.

Before use, gently shake the bottle to refresh all the mixed ingredients. Add this cream liqueur in coffee and cocktails.

Pleasant drink in the company of family and friends!

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