Green tea.

Green tea

About the benefits of green tea say and write a lot . and people wonder: is he really so useful? And all you can drink?

That green tea has medicinal properties known since ancient times and for centuries used it as a means for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Modern scientists also recognize these healing properties, and is also recommended to use green tea for medicinal purposes, but you should know how and when to do it, and what kind of tea to choose from.

The benefits of green tea.

Useful composition of green tea

The usefulness of green tea depends on its composition . and the composition is very rich. Hard to believe, but the green tea contains several hundred chemicals and organic compounds, and vitamins it has almost everything that are known to science. Details on the composition of green tea would for a long time, but some components still worth saying.

Medicinal properties have contained alkaloids. One of them is the well – known caffeine, which gives us courage and makes us energetic, but he is considered harmful: affects nervous and cardiovascular system, increases the fragility of bones, etc. fortunately, the green tea contains not pure caffeine and theine, which acts much softer: it is rapidly excreted from the body, and excites and invigorates – stimulates mental and physical performance.

Another substance, tannin, not only gives the tea taste, but also has healing properties . kills some germs, strengthens blood vessels, improves digestion, and can even neutralize the effects of radiation – displays the body of some radioactive elements, preventing dangerous diseases.

In a quality green tea a lot of catechins – substances belonging to the group of flavonoids that have powerful antioxidant properties. These substances contribute to the preservation of youth and beauty, protect the heart and blood vessels, prevents the development of diabetes and osteoporosis. It is because of the catechins by drinking green tea improves metabolism and normalizes weight and antimicrobial properties allow the use of even green tea in the treatment of dysentery.

Important substances of green tea is vitamin e – the body it is necessary for normal life and work. In General, vitamin e is a whole group of substances and plant bioflavonoids, which protect us from free radicals, prevents inflammation, allergic reactions, development of cancer, strengthen the immune system, heart and blood vessels. The most famous feature of vitamin e is its ability to strengthen the capillaries, making them supple and healthy.

Other vitamins in green tea too much . and when brewed the infusion passes most of them. For example, vitamin C in green tea more than black, almost 10 times.

Vegetable proteins make up 25% of green tea – this equates to bean crops for nutritional value. Amino acids in green tea at the moment, found 17, and one of them is glutamic acid, are very important for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Tea has many minerals – date deficit of essential nutrients that is important; there are organic acids, the composition of which is too complicated – and all of this makes green tea a very useful and dietary beverage.

Many compounds of tea are still being studied, and its composition changes all the time. The tea leaves are scientists even call chemical laboratory, as they have some substances continuously transformed into the other, and this continues to happen and in the process of their processing.

Surprisingly another property of green tea – it when brewing releases into the solution of more healthy substances and harmful dissolved to a lesser extent. For this we need to learn how to choose and brew tea, and then it will be tasty and healthful.

Damage green tea

What damage can cause to our body green tea, if it is misused? If you drink it too often and in large chunks, then you can provoke the development of various diseases of the kidneys – can even be formed stones, and liver. Liver function is disturbed due to the accumulation of polyphenols, which are in reasonable quantities of great benefit, and in immoderate – can cause poisoning, so drink litres of green tea should not be.

Useful properties of green tea

The benefits of green tea is much more than the minuses . if you drink it in moderation, regularly and properly. Consumption of green tea improves vision and the nervous system: the person begins to respond more quickly to the surrounding world, and more to think faster, can concentrate on work for a long time.

The pores of the skin from drinking green tea are expanding, and sweating increases. Cosmetologists believe that the skin is cleaned better and calms down, decreasing its tendency to inflammation and irritation – why green tea is often included in the composition of cosmetic products. It removes waste, toxins, heavy metals, improves circulation, relieves fatigue and slows down the aging process.

Fat cells on the inner walls of the blood vessels with regular intake of green tea are produced much more slowly and therefore less likely to develop atherosclerosis and hypertension, and increases lifespan.

Mask with green tea

With green tea you can do homemade beauty masks for the face and body. tonics and other means of skin care. But to increase skin tone the entire body by using a tea bath is enough to take it once a week. Leafy green tea (6 tbsp), brewed with boiling water (0.5 liters), insist, filtered and poured into the bath. You can add rose petals or Jasmine, as well as essential oils of these plants. This bath not only tones, but also stimulates the renewal of skin cells of the entire body.

How to choose green tea

When selecting green tea should pay attention to the bright packaging and beautiful names – the quality of tea is irrelevant. Best place to buy tea in special tea shops, on the weight – so you can see what you are buying. If this is not possible, try to buy loose leaf tea because the tea bags are often put waste generated during the processing of the tea leaves, and impurities leaves of other plants.

Only light green tea can be considered a quality – if it is dark, dirty-green, don’t buy it. This tea was either too dry, or even properly stored and deteriorated. The best tea pistachio color with a Golden hue.

Contraindications and restrictions for green tea

Useful and healing properties of green tea there are people who can drink it only in small quantities, or not drink at all. In diseases of the cardiovascular system and hypotension it is better to drink less green tea – it can disrupt heart rhythm or excessively lower the pressure. In gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, it can cause heartburn. colic and pain.

Women breastfeeding, can you drink labsafety green tea . slowly and only in the daytime. If you drink green tea in the evening, and then feed the baby, and he and my mom may have trouble sleeping at night. Even healthy adults can not sleep and felt energized, if you drink at night with a Cup of green tea . brewed stronger.

For gout green tea is better not to drink at all . since it is rich in purine bases.

Among women involved in sports or fitness, today it became fashionable to drink green tea instead of water. To do this in any case should not be, and not only because the body needs clean water, but also because it threatens the poisoning.

These limitations and contraindications do not mean that we should abandon green tea – it is really very useful.

By the way, when it is brewed in a variety of ways you can get a different effect: after 2 minutes of steeping will get a stimulating beverage, after 5 minutes it will have a calming effect, and after 6 minutes will be just tea.

But long infuse green tea is not necessary, otherwise, instead of benefit you can get harm.

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