Hair coloring coffee and cocoa

Times ruthless chemical hair perms and colors will soon sink into oblivion. Modern young girls and women, watching their appearance, are increasingly resorting to the means for care that are natural based and without any chemicals and substances. It is not only available and inexpensive, but effectively and without harm to health. Hair, like all the rest of the body, also need careful and accurate care, using environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners, masks, and hair colors. The last, anyway, and still contain chemical additives and ammonia, which over time degrades the structure of the hair. Alternative to all hair dyes will serve all well-known coffee and cocoa. This colouring is not only won’t hurt the hair, but also adds a soft and desirable shade, grooming, and at the same

time will have a beneficial effect on the hair structure.

In some cases, coffee dyes his hair and who is acceptable?

As a sufficiently powerful natural dye, coffee is still not applicable for everyone and in some cases simply ineffective. Brown hair it will add a bright and rich shade of their hair and brunettes – luxury and impeccable Shine.

Gray-haired women coffee does not help you, as with them to struggle to match even the strongest chemical dyes. On blondes coffee is a highly unexpected. Owners of blond hair and previously painted should be very careful when you use coffee as coloring can be uneven and partial.

Ways of hair coloring coffee

The procedure of hair coloring is plain and contains no special ingredients and effort.

Here are some effectively recognized and recipes:

Firming mask for hair, giving coffee shade . For the mask you will need: a tablespoon of brandy, two egg yolks, a teaspoon of ground coffee, a teaspoon of olive and vegetable oil, a few tablespoons of warm water. Mix all ingredients and let stand the mixture. Apply the mixture evenly all over your hair and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse. In the case of unsaturated colors, re-perform the procedure with increasing time.

Spray for brunettes . Cook ground coffee, after cool and strain, then pour it in a spray bottle and after each shampooing and combing to put on hair. The effect is noticeable immediately – hair Shine, become pliable and pleasantly fragrant.

Painting with a mixture of henna and coffee . To get a deep brown color, you need to mix the henna and 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Dye, as required by the instructions for the use of henna. Staining of such a mixture is firming and gives the hair a beautiful tone.

The beneficial properties of cocoa powder

Many stylists-hair stylists prefer long cocoa hair color, because it is not only aromatic and pleasant procedure, but also healthful. Endowed with useful vitamins and minerals cocoa beans are able to not only touch up the hair, but also to ensure complete recovery.

The method of staining – Balai

To get a toning shampoo at home, you need only baby shampoo mix in a 1:1 ratio of cocoa powder. Keep this shampoo on the hair needed depending on hair type. Blondes with just a couple of minutes, the brown-haired and brunette time should be increased to the desired result. To give hair a red hue to mix henna with cocoa, weight to cook based on the volume of hair.

Applying the mixture regularly and shampoos based on cocoa and coffee, your hair will get a healthy and well-groomed appearance, nice color and a fragrant aroma.

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