Harmful and beneficial properties of hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea: uses, benefits and harms to the body

Hibiscus tea — one of the most popular and delicious tea drinks. Nowadays it is grown on plantations in the Sudan and Egypt, where its production is carefully harvested hibiscus petals.

In Arab countries hibiscus is the Foundation of the home

kit, remedy any disease. The main purpose of tea — used as antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, as well as lowering blood pressure means.

Red tint give the drink a special substances — anthocyanins — sources of vitamin P, is able to tone the walls of blood vessels.

The unique properties of tea lies in the fact that they are different depending on the method of administration of the drink — – hot or cold.

Useful properties of hibiscus

Benefit to the organism caused by the richest set of nutrients contained in the beverage made from hibiscus. Among them — antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, bioflavonoids, pectin, polysaccharides, fruit acids.

First of all, tea is recommended for use as a means of normalizing blood pressure. For hypertension best time to take the tea hot ; cold drink perfectly strengthens blood vessels and stimulates the body, especially in the summer heat. With regular consumption of hibiscus tea can significantly affect the size and amount of cholesterol plaques, which fills the inner lumens of blood vessels, dissolving them.

Because of the substances included in the composition of the drink has a strong bactericidal properties, hibiscus is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent in the season of colds and flu. Good effect is the use of the beverage as an additional tool for the treatment of prolonged bronchitis and tracheitis. Hibiscus tea can effectively lower the body temperature . acting like some tea with raspberries.

Due to the rapid excretion of toxins from the body, hibiscus it is recommended for all types of poisoning . alcoholic intoxication. This action of the drink due to the high content of polysaccharides, particularly pectin. In addition, drinking a Cup of beverage during a great party, it is possible to reduce the rate of absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, therefore, reduce its harmful effects on the liver and intestines.

Known properties of hibiscus and as anthelmintic, because herbal bioflavonoids tend to expel from the body of the alien bacteria and parasites.

A drink made of hibiscus can be used as immunomodulator . especially when expressed spring avitaminosis. This property of tea due to the presence of virtually all known vitamins in its composition.

Hibiscus tea has diuretic and analgesic properties . so successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the urinary system and kidneys. The drink is recommended for people with congestive processes in the gall bladder and ducts, as has choleretic properties.

Proven application and positive impact hibiscus to improve reproductive function in both sexes. Known cases when long-term consumption of tea without the use of other therapy were cured even infertility.

A drink made of hibiscus can be used as a remedy for heartburn, disorders of the bowel, chronic constipation.

Tea is used as a mild sedative . he is able to normalize sleep, relieve fatigue and stress, to reduce the likelihood of violations of the vascular system, and reduce the excessive excitability of the nervous system.

In the heat of iced tea refreshes and tones the body, and in the winter a hot Cup of hibiscus tea can warm the body and soul. Such properties of the beverage expressed due to the presence in its composition of fruit acids, especially citric.

Hibiscus is great for recovering salt and vitamin balance . so they are recommended for athletes, especially practicing for a long period of exhausting exercise.

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In recent times, the benefit of tea is being actively discussed among those losing weight. Indeed, hibiscus due to accelerate cellular metabolism is able to quickly and efficiently lower excess weight.

Tea has the property to excrete toxins as well as excess subcutaneous moisture that accumulate in adipose tissue. If you regularly drink 2-3 cups of tea a day can have a couple of weeks to notice the first results!

Consuming hibiscus before meals can reduce appetite and therefore eat a smaller portion of food.

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