Hotel Silky Way Winter warming cocktails!

The court of winter, it’s time to bundle up in warm clothes, spending the evening in a friendly cosy atmosphere, and of course it’s time to come to our restaurant to try new winter cocktails.

(ginger ale, sugar syrup, Apple juice, spiced rum, mint, lime, ice) 350 ml/250 rubles

(dry white wine, honey, cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel) 200 ml/220 rubles

(sugar syrup, cherry juice, gin, lemon juice, soda water, ice) 350 ml/290 rubles

(Baileys, Kahlua, caramel syrup) 150 ml/ 350 rubles

Cranberry – raspberry mulled wine

(dry red wine, orange zest, lemon zest, raspberry jam,

cranberry, clove, cinnamon) 200 ml/220 rubles

(orange, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, dark rum, grenadine, black tea) 200 ml/220 rubles

( Jameson whiskey, hot coffee, whipped cream) 200 ml/200 rubles

(cocoa powder, milk, liqueur optional) 200 ml/200 rubles

(American coffee, Baileys) 200 ml/199 rubles

(Apple juice, vanilla syrup, whiskey,

green Apple, lemon peel, cloves, cinnamon) 200 ml/ 330 rubles

Non-alcoholic cocktails

(caramel syrup, orange juice, espresso, orange) 350 ml/200 rubles

(cherry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry juice, honey) 350 ml/250 rubles

( green Apple, grenadine, peach juice, lemon, ice) 350 ml/120 USD

(soda, mint, lime, ice, sugar syrup) 350 ml/120 USD

(chocolate ice cream,milk) 350 ml/120 USD

(raspberries, vanilla ice cream, milk) 350 ml/149 rubles

( ginger ale,sugar syrup, ABLOY juice, mint, lime, ice) 350 ml/110

Hot chocolate 150 ml/139 rubles

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