How to brew green tea

Many useful properties of green tea can be explained by the fact that it contains a large number of different chemicals. While the tea contains more than 500 various elements such as phosphorus and calcium, fluorine and magnesium, and so forth. Add to that organic compounds – about 450 species, and almost every group of vitamins. And become it is not surprising that in green tea so good for the body! Green tea. the benefits and harms of which were known in the East many centuries ago, contains 4-7% of micro – and macroelements.

Here are just a few components, so popular green tea in the treatment of ailments.

Alkaloids. The green tea contains caffeine, and this is the main alkaloid. However, green tea has no caffeine in its pure form, like coffee, for example. But thanks to this element, we can feel a strong surge of courage and strength. This substance in tea is called theine. He clearly has an impact on both physical and mental activity. In addition, the tein increases efficiency. What’s nice is that theine is much milder effect on the human body.

Minerals. Green tea, the benefits and harms of which were actually known a long time ago, contains approximately 4-7% of macro – and micronutrients. These elements are necessary in order to function properly the body. If the body, for example, zinc deficiency, it will sharply decrease the immune system, will be losing his hair, the nails will begin to break down. But if you use green tea in sufficient quantity, it will not happen. Moreover, the problem can be corrected.

As a rule, often talk about the benefits of tea. However, the harm to the green tea are also possible.

The polyphenols. In green tea have catechins is another group, related to polyphenol, which is very useful for the body. The polyphenols are still not fully understood, studies of useful properties continue to this day. In medicine polyphenols are widely used for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Green tea. the benefits and harms for people suffering from nervous exhaustion. Found in green tea caffeine stimulates the nervous system, resulting in people suffering from nervous exhaustion, you may experience sleep disturbance and fatigue. Such people it is better not to drink tea at night, and only in the morning and in small quantities. Not recommended green tea and those who suffer from insomnia, tachycardia, irritability.

Green tea. the benefits and harms for women. Women need special treatment to drink green tea. For example, it is better to abandon green tea (or reduced ingestion) during menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as before birth.

Green tea. the benefits and harms for people who have problems with pressure. Green tea often lowers pressure, therefore, contraindicated in large quantities in hypotension. However, it is not recommended for hypertension in the acute form.

Green tea. the benefits and harms in acute diseases. If you experience an exacerbation of any chronic disease, green tea also should drink with caution. Especially when it comes to gastric ulcer, because green tea increases the acidity of gastric juice.

Contraindications to the use of green tea

We have long been accustomed to hear only about the benefits of green tea. However, you need to know that green tea can be harmful.

Green tea benefits and harms for those who suffer from nervous exhaustion. The green tea contains caffeine, and it is quite strongly stimulates the nervous system. Thus people who are suffering from nervous exhaustion, will be prone to lack of energy and disturbed sleep. Better not to drink tea in the afternoon and evening. You can afford occasionally to allow green tea in the morning – and then, too weak and in small quantities. You cannot drink green tea for people suffering from insomnia, increased irritability and tachycardia.

Green tea: the benefits and harms for women. Women need very gently to drink green tea. If you critical days, it is better not to drink green tea at all. If pregnant also should not drink this type of tea, and avoid this drink if you are breastfeeding.

Green tea is not recommended for people who have a problem with the pressure. Green tea is in most cases quite often lowers blood pressure, so people with hypotension to drink green tea in large quantities impossible. Moreover, you should not drink green tea if you suffer from acute hypotension.

Green tea benefits and harms in acute diseases. If you have an exacerbation of any chronic disease, green tea should be consumed very carefully. If you have ulcer of the duodenum or stomach, green tea can not drink – it increases the acidity.

Green tea – the benefits and harms. How to avoid harmful effects from drinking green tea

Of course, in ancient times there was neither doctors nor hospitals. Was not and medical devices, similar to modern. But in the East, in ancient times were well aware of the product benefits and any harm. About green tea to say that he is the cure a hundred diseases. Green tea is one of the best antioxidants due to the presence in its composition of catechins. He copes with ridding your body of toxins, has geronikaki properties and vitamin-rich. Green tea is very useful in cases of poisoning, in the case of prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Green tea will help in diabetes, and even cancer. Thanks to green tea you can lose weight, eliminate stress and its consequences. Green tea invigorates and gives strength for the day.

But it’s not so useful if you don’t know how to drink the green tea. And if you use it wrong, harm will get much more than good.

Finally a few tips that will help you to extract from green tea only benefit.

Better never drink green tea on an empty stomach. It is quite irritating to the mucous membrane of the stomach, increases the acidity, and the stomach digests your own juice. And here’s a Cup of green tea after the meal perfectly affects digestion.

No need to drink green tea in the evening. Can enjoy it during the day and better in the morning. Before bedtime drink tea, can not in any case, otherwise you will find it difficult to sleep. Overexcited and nervous system – this can lead to an afternoon tea. In addition, passion green tea at night can lead to headaches and even migraines.

Never alternate, and, moreover, do not mix alcohol and green tea. This pretty much can hurt the kidneys, and it is already scientifically proven fact.

Do not take green tea medications or pills. Not that it was bad, just benefit from the pills no. After all, real good green tea rather will take away all the drug from your body. The effectiveness of medication no.

In addition, if you purchase low-quality green tea, it will cause your body a lot of harm. If you want to buy green tea as a preventive or therapeutic purposes, it is necessary to avoid tea bags. Usually you get the benefits of this tea lies in its cheapness or convenience of brewing. Powdered tea is highly oxidized, loses a lot of useful features. And no manufacturer will not be for shredding to use really high quality green tea.

Let green tea brings you only good!

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