How to cook canape skewers

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Correct preparation Gostiny


Salt and pepper — ½ tsp


The carcass is cut into pieces and lay the pieces, where there is less bone.

Put them in water, add salt and leave overnight in the fridge.

For the marinade, mix the mustard with butter and eggs, then put shredded prunes with mayonnaise, add spices, salt and pepper.

The easiest recipe for stuffed cabbage. How to cook cabbage rolls with meat and cabbage

To cook a delicious stuffed cabbage is a difficult task and a bit troublesome, that’s why this dish is a rare guest in our kitchen. But knowing the secret of the delicious stuffed cabbage, they will succeed on the first try, and the recipe with a photo of a tasty stuffed cabbage will help you!

The stuffed cabbage recipe:

Meatballs – the best recipes. How to cook tasty meatballs

Meatballs is a dish made of minced meat in the form of balls. Almost every cuisine in the world there is a similar dish, so cooking meatballs is diverse. It is assumed that the meatballs recipe appeared first Turkic people, that’s why in the East there is still a Turkic dish “kofte”.

How to cook cabbage rolls

the average cabbage – 1 piece

rice – St 2,5

minced pork – 2 kg

eggs – 2 PCs

carrots – 6 PCs

vinegar – 4 tbsp


sunflower oil

butter – 20 g

tomato paste – 2 tbsp

sour cream – 1 tbsp

tomato juice – 1 item

Fish baked in the oven – the best recipes. How to cook fish in the oven.

To cut off the tail, head, fins or not is a personal decision.

Next, rinse the fish, especially from the inside, brush all over with salt and follow according to a specific recipe. By the way, can bake whole fish and cut into pieces, in this case, the time for cooking is significantly reduced.

Recipe 1:

How to eat the person in the post, recipes

Boil water in 3-litre saucepan. Fry in vegetable oil finely chopped small onion until Golden brown. Chop or dice a couple of potatoes. In boiling water, dip the rice, simmer 10 min. Now add the potatoes and cook for another 15 min.

How to make cream recipe

The most common type of emulsion is water-in-oil, and the highest percentage of it will be water phase. If you take the ratio VF:LF as 70:30, then we get a nice light cream. But keep in mind the following factors – seasonality and type of skin. Oily skin is not able to perceive a large percentage of the fatty phase.

Another healthy and delicious recipe from cow’s udder: the udder, stewed in milk of Mongolian food recipes

Now put the cow’s udder at high bottom of the pot, top – peeled apples (best if you buy Moldovan). Add the Cup of rice and fill with water so that the rice was substantially covered her.

Now, close the dish with a lid and cook for about an hour.

Recipes soup kharcho, how to cook grub correctly

Add to the soup spices, seasonings and finely chopped greens, warmed up for several more minutes and turn off the heat.

Ready pour over the soup into bowls, season with sour cream and served to the table.

Recipe No. 4. Fish soup kharcho

This is the recipe for the soup kharcho is ideal for those who, for one reason or another do not eat meat products.

How to salt herring or mackerel?

And basically-three days and you’re done!

Who loves spices-you can add a Bay leaf, pepper,(all that you see fit and like.) (pl)

Brine for mackerel. 1 litre of water bring to a boil.Remove from the heat.Add 6 table.spoons of salt ( without top),6 cloves of garlic,4 Bay leaves,black pepper powder on the tip of a knife,peppercorns 4 EA.

How to cook hash: traditional prescription + options – yogurt, mineral water, Tanya, fish

2. Potatoes wash, boil in their jackets, cool, peel skin and cut into small cubes.

3. Cucumbers wash, peel (if it is too thick to very thick) and cut into small cubes.

4. Eggs hard boil, cool, peel and finely chop.

5. The chop ham in small slices.

Homemade Limoncello with vodka. Step-by-step recipe with photos + How to drink and cocktail recipes

Ordinary knife for this purpose will not work since you need to cut only the top, bright yellow layer, because it contains all essential oils, subsequently giving the aroma and taste of liqueur. The number of fruits lemon indicated the approximate number, as they may differ greatly in size.

How to add and arrange recipes

Then the uploaded picture appears in the list of Files loaded for this news.” You need to put the cursor in summary of the ABOVE text, if the text is already written, and click on the name of the picture to be inserted into the summary. The name of the picture will look type “1347942710_kartinka.

How to cook jelly, jelly recipe

Feature of jelly was the fact that in protracted frosts retain all its beneficial properties, and there it was cold. In the presence of firewood and campfire jelly easily turned into a hot, rich broth. This advantage over other freeze-dried products was obvious. In addition, the jelly is easily digested and has a high caloric content.

Recipes and benefits of fasting days, how to properly carry out discharge day

To plant foods, you cannot add any spices, sauces.

In the period of protein fasting days the meal period is 4-5 hours.

How to cook lasagna? recipe

cucumbers in jars for the winter is a traditional summer activity almost every lady, especially in the period from the month of July to about the middle of September. In fact it is impossible in the winter to stay without their own cucumbers, rolled in banks or salted in barrels. Recipes how to pickle cucumbers in jars for the winter, very many and quite diverse.

How to sprout the grain, recipes.

This can be done in advance.

2 When the bulgur has cooled, place it in a large bowl, add the capers, shallot, parsley, sprouts, vegetables and mix well.

Top 10 tips how to fry potatoes

Then it will not burn, foaming and fuming. Never lay out the potatoes in cold oil and not add it in the frying process.

6. Roast potatoes are better in a large pan, but in one layer than medium in size and fully populated.

7. Fried potatoes is a tasty, if his pre-boil and then fry.

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Therefore, the dosage of the oil is necessary only for reasons of economy. Why translate the product?

Stir the potatoes often.

Most importantly, do not attempt to fry a lot of potatoes. It’s not comfortable and he will not be roasted evenly.

Description recipe — How to properly beat egg whites

Do not toss all the sugar at once! He immediately dissolved, the whites will become liquid and the expected product will not acquire the desired shape and taste.

Pancakes – best recipes. How to properly and tasty pancakes.

K. pancake nachinaetsya raw meat.

Ingredients . ground beef raw, salt, 1-2 eggs, one onion, greens of dill.

Method of preparation

To fill the minced meat with chopped onion, salt and dill. Add and blend a little water (a couple of table. spoons), so the filling is juicy.

The subtleties of cooking buckwheat porridge and milk, with meat, vegetables

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