How to drink liker

Never mix Baileys with sodas and juices.

So, to make homemade chocolate liqueur you will need: two tiles of dark chocolate, a half liter of vodka (or you can take the alcohol, but then you have to adjust the strength of the drink by adding more water, a small pinch of vanilla, two cups milk, one kilogram of sugar and about 300 milliliters of water. Whiskey . rum, brandy, vodka – all this is combined

with liquor, making it less cloying.

The taste of the liqueur bitter and quite spicy, so drink it without additives can not everyone. The basis for this drink is whiskey.

Liqueurs are classified into 3 main types – sweet, strong and creams. For some liqueurs optimal serving temperature – room, as when cooled they are very turbid, and the taste gets worse.

Whether for liquor appetizer?

There are many more specific about what you drink liquor, for example, whipped cream, milk or ice cream. Liquors best to drink in the late afternoon with coffee or tea and as a digestive.

Liqueur Sheridan . which is of Irish origin, can hardly be confused with any other liquor.

In the beginning it should be emphasized that the liqueur that is often drunk straight . with ice or in numerous cocktails. Serving liquor in a liquor glass, metal, crystal, porcelain, glass. But these drinks should be cooked properly, not to spoil your taste, as well as the impression of someone who is drinking this cocktail. I don’t know, but liquor is moderately strong and very pleasant to the taste, what you need. You will feel like you are beginning to glow the cheeks, often beating heart, and eyes Shine. If this happens, stir the layers are already forced (with ice cube) and drink small SIPS.

Liqueurs are good and as flavourings in cooking and confectionery. True connoisseurs of alcoholic Goodies know what flavors of liqueur – big set: mint, cherry, citrus and the like.

If you are fond of sweet alcohol, liqueur Sheridan is the place for you. Raspberry liqueur, what to drink?

Today, the common use of liquors as a separate component in the preparation of cocktails. Despite this, he enjoys great popularity because, even in the absence of the composition of the sugar, the liqueur has a characteristic chocolate flavor and aroma.

So, one of the most popular cocktails, which is based on approximately Baileys, is Baileys Chocolatini. Manufacturers have replaced the coffee part on the liqueur of red berries. It is possible to organize and to treat this cream liqueur. It is the ratio of these components is considered correct and what will bring you and your friends full enjoyment of this cocktail.

The Amaretto is a liqueur with brown color and aroma of almonds.

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