How to prepare ginger tea at home

In our time, developed many recipes brewing ginger tea. For every taste! Some of them are worth discussing in detail, step by step. First of all, it is necessary to clarify that for any recipe You will need fresh root of this plant, no powder and no flakes. All the additives (spices, honey, sugar, lemon) are chosen at Your discretion. And yet. Ginger tea is prepared on the basis of both green and black tea, someone like that.

So, how to prepare ginger tea at home?

For a start, consider the recipe of tea from the common cold and SARS.

The ginger root are rubbed on a grater and boil it in water (the ratio can be any) for 10 minutes. Then add black pepper, strain. The other additives mentioned above, choose yourself.

Green tea with ginger

Green ginger tea is a beverage that has extremely delicate and smooth taste. Love all the green tea lovers.

3 teaspoons of green tea



1 liter of water

First you pour green tea with hot water to properly steep. Ginger root peel, cut into slices (you will need 4-5 pieces). The finished green tea to throw slices of ginger. Give it brew for a bit (5-10 minutes), then drain. Honey, if you need it, put directly into the Cup.

Black tea with ginger

The first thing to prepare black tea, adhering to their own methods and recipes for brew strength. But in General we need:

black tea

ginger root

black currant leaves (fresh or dry)

Cooked black tea should be filtered and poured into a thermos. There also send the currant leaves and slices of ginger root (peeled and sliced). Give the drink a brew and enjoy its aroma.

Tea with ginger and mint

This recipe will appeal to all lovers of mint flavor.

We will need:

20 grams of ginger

sprigs of fresh mint or lemon balm



Root ginger, peel and cut into small pieces, pour one Cup of water, boil on low heat for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and add fresh sprigs of mint or lemon balm. After the tea is brewed, you can bring to the table with a slice of lemon or lime and a small amount of honey.

Tea with ginger and cinnamon

And the following recipe for lovers of spices. We will need:

ginger root


cardamom (pods)




1 teaspoon of green tea

The drink is based on green tea, which is brewed not more than 5 min. Burning root (3-4 cm in length) peel and cut into slices. Add the spices: a pinch of ground cinnamon, one stick cloves and 2 cardamom pod. Note, cardamom is a strong spice, so try not to overdo it. The calculation is specified with 200 ml of water, keep this in mind!

In spices cooked pour green tea, bring to the boil and simmer cook for 20 minutes. As a dish it is better to use a large mug or a small pot. After that, the tea can squeeze half a lemon. The zest can also be used to boil tea with her for about 5 minutes. The tea is then leave for 20 minutes. Sweet lovers can add honey.

I now propose to consider some tips on how to prepare ginger tea for weight loss at home. Most popular recipes:

30 grams of fresh root finely grind and brew in a thermos. Water to take approximately 250 ml. Insist tea 30 minutes, taken before meals. This tea enhances the formation of gastric juice, so all food eaten is digested very quickly.

30 grams of the root is cut into slices, put into the saucepan and cook together with 300 ml of water over a slow fire. From the moment of boiling, boil for another 15 minutes. Then drain off the broth and cooled to 35-40 degrees. To make this tea should be half an hour before eating. For flavor you can add honey and lemon.

10 grams of ginger root and 10 grams of garlic chop and weld in a thermos (approximately 250 ml). Insist 15 minutes, drink before meals. This tea has a distinct fat burning effect and is therefore recommended to obese people to reduce significant weight.

Ginger tea for weight loss need to drink very carefully. You should start slowly, with only 50 ml. The next day you can increase the amount up to 100 milliliters, and so on. Be sure to pay attention to your feelings. If you feel any pain or discomfort in the body, consumption of tea you need to stop. Always remember the main principle – do no harm!

Ginger tea for weight loss is recommended to drink 30 minutes before eating each time. In addition to getting rid of body fat this tea will help to revitalize Your body.

It is most convenient to make tea for weight loss in the morning in a thermos. This gives you the opportunity to secure a margin for the whole day. For example, 2 liters of boiling water crushed piece of ginger root with a length of 4-5 cm For fragrance use additives (honey, lemon). Hunger from this tea significantly blunted, so those who want to lose weight should definitely try this recipe!

Naturally, flour and sweet to abuse it is not recommended. Otherwise there are no restrictions, except that not to overeat. Extra weight will go slowly, slowly. But ginger tea every day will bring You courage, strength and energy. And with them, great mood and a positive attitude.

Be healthy!

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