Meet hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate will only become tasty and thick example of Haute cuisine when you use the right recipe of hot chocolate. About how to make hot chocolate – in our material.

Outset that the hot chocolate gourmet understands melted in

a special way the chocolate and not cocoa powder that Europe somehow refers to hot chocolate. Dilute a couple of tablespoons of cocoa is not a problem, but how to cook true hot chocolate – tells chocolatier Olga Olkhovskaya.

Hot chocolate – ingredients

I’ll give you a “collection” into two portions – Olga laughs, because hot chocolate is better to drink with someone, it’s so nice and cozy. Well, if you one, too bad, because two cups of delicious hot chocolate is always better than one. So, the classic hot chocolate recipe assumes that you have a pint of milk, tiles (100gr.) dark chocolate, whipped cream, a tablespoon of sugar ( who likes sweeter, take two). For the classic hot chocolate is enough. If you want sophistication, then this hot chocolate recipe is easy to expand at the expense of spice, cinnamon or vanilla.

Recipe of hot chocolate

For the preparation of hot chocolate, take a shallow enamel/steel pot in which you heat the milk (note. – boil it is not necessary). When the milk is hot, lower the heat, add the sugar and gradually start to put into it small pieces of chocolate, stirring constantly until chocolate is completely dissolved ( 10-15 minutes). Once the hot chocolate is dissolved, pour it into tall glasses, add a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla, stir, garnish with whipped cream – hot chocolate ready.

The second recipe chocolate

Sometimes you can hear that classic recipe of hot chocolate not to everyone’s taste, it is considered too thin. To solve this problem, hot chocolate can be prepared with sour cream (cream) or starch. In the first case, the obtained hot chocolate mix with a quality fat sour cream or cream to the desired degree of thickening.

About the second case – hot chocolate recipe with starch – worth special mentioning. Starch acts as a thickener – it (1 tablespoon) mix with small amount of milk and combine with hot chocolate when it’s ready, the chocolate has dissolved. Also need to continuously stir so that the starch is dispersed, it is three minutes to four. Hot chocolate is more dense than something like jelly, and if you leave, then hardens, becoming a chocolate dessert, so drink this hot chocolate you need immediately.

What to add to hot chocolate

And a little bit about supplements in the hot chocolate. We have said that it is perfectly combined with vanilla and cinnamon. Some foodies are finding sophistication when hot chocolate put a piece of butter or, better yet, butter-cocoa. You can add a couple of tablespoons of rum or liqueur, but no more than that the drink turned out it was hot, warming, but not drunk. If you like to experiment, put in hot chocolate or eat as fondue pieces of soft fruits, berries or nuts. In restaurants hot chocolate is traditionally decorated with mint leaves – looks beautiful.

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