Original dairy ulun

Here’s a tea exactly, you will not find in any store. Original…it is true, but the history of such a definition, we now will tell you.

This tea is from China, we waited a long time, almost a month. When he finally arrived to Ekaterinburg, all thoughts centered on how to hurry him to try. Milky caramel taste, and even the highest quality tea, which can be cooler. Carelessly opening the vacuum bag, so that part of the tea was on the tray, boil them water and burying the kettle without sparing, we began to wait for…. Fifteen minutes and the first brew is poured into the tray, emitting subtle aroma. Again the boiling water, minute, and all – bottled transparent pilocka. Trying to catch dairy notes in the

fragrance, we try the Original milk Oolong.


Where caramel and milk? – I looked at his brother, trying to find the answer, because he didn’t know. He puzzly shrugged shoulders, looking at me a similar look. We had two palocci, and, until my brother began to prepare the second brew, I decided to ask a question to our supplier, deciding that an error has occurred. Calling subscriber in China, I tried to think what it could be tea, but nothing good I imagine.

As the time in China was clearly broken, the phone was silent. Meanwhile, the second portion of the original milk Oolong was ready. Breathing in the pleasant aroma, I took a few SIPS and … albinos. Involuntarily, just became fun and easy and relaxed. For a moment I forget about worrying me is the lack of dairy flavors. On the table lit up the screen of a cell phone played the ringtone. On the screen was number +(86)………. – at the other end was invisible China.

I slowly told them about the misunderstanding and prepared to listen to objections, but the answer to me was pleasant smiling voice of a beautiful girl, our partner provider:

– You once said that you wanted tea factory. Flavored. In nature, this simply is not. Asked a real, quality – sent.

We talked a little more, and I hung up. The hand she reached for a glass palocci with an exhilarating drink… It turned out that milk Oolong, which are all used in Russia, the product of the factories that produce flavored, with supplements, teas. Nothing to do with real teas they have not. Here and so. Brew the third time, we started an animated discussion of a brand new tea for us. After the fourth smile never left our faces. Fifth welding has brought great surprise, the aroma clearly felt the subtle touch of lactic, weak, but sufficient for her to catch. Don’t know what causes this perception, but the meaning of the title became clear.

In this case there is no caramel and persistent flavor of milk. It has health, kindness and a smile, and unforgettable taste. We were glad that due to a small misunderstanding could discover this wonderful tea.

Professional packing. 50 grams. Vacuum. We also for the quality)

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