General – modern, unique product that meets exacting taste, individuality and status. Innovative solutions were applied at all stages of product creation: this and the unique tastes of the world’s best blends of tea, natural fruit pieces, berries and flowers, and unique patented design packs SVAY, and very convenient for brewing loose leaf tea bags-pyramid of silk fabric. Beyond doubt, SVAY is an uncompromising combination of all advantages of the uniqueness of taste, naturalness, ease of brewing.

General – make real!

SVAY Selective Tea Blends – special offer for HoReCa segment. The collection presents unique bags, pyramid tea bags loose leaf tea for cups in metallic envelopes (sachets). To produce this premium tea are amazing combinations of tea, tropical fruits, fragrant berries, exotic flowers, chocolate and vanilla.

Strawberry Chic (Strawberry chic). Hibiscus, strawberries, kiwi. Unforgettable composition of hibiscus, fragrant strawberries and ripe kiwis, where a complete bouquet creates a light Apple sweetness. The freshness of the aroma and full-bodied berry taste is a poem about summer – will set in rest and romance.

Rain Symphony (Symphony of rain). Hibiscus, BlackBerry. Soft, warming taste for cool weather. Fragrant BlackBerry, hibiscus, orange and cinnamon, surprisingly combined, give the magical moments of harmony and happiness. The warmth of love and the joy of life in every SIP.

Highgrown Bouquet (Alpine bouquet). Black tea Ceylon. Pure Ceylon black tea with versatile style with plum notes, bright Golden color infusion and rich flavor, perfectly tones and invigorates.

Yunnan Legends Yunnan). Black tea Chinese. Red Yunnan tea is popular among gourmets all over the world thanks to a unique, very delicate taste with notes of dried fruits and highland honey. Spicy, magical fragrance gives a feeling of a unique journey to the East.

Original Bergamot (bergamot). Black tea with bergamot and orange blossom. The drink of the aristocracy of Europe – black tea with bergamot – performed General decorated with flowers of the orange tree and a piece of Apple. Luxurious, invigorating, with a pleasant citrus notes – this drink will fill the new forces and desires.

Hawaiian Dance (Hawaiian dance). Black tea with flower petals, mango and passion fruit. The sweetness of tropical fruits and delicate flavor a delicate flower petals give black tea a special taste and exquisite aroma. This unusual tea is uplifting and energizing.

Chocolate Delight (Chocolate temptation). Black tea with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. . Mild taste of black tea perfectly complements the magical combination of exquisite pieces of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavored, creating unusual drink for real enjoyment.

Morning Sun (Morning sun). Green tea Chinese. Delicate Chinese green tea with incredibly light fresh aroma and delicate flavor brings harmony and helps to regain strength.

Fresh fantasy (Vivid imagination). Green tea with citrus zest, passion fruit. Traditional Japanese Sencha green tea combined with the captivating fragrance of the exotic passion fruit, slices of fresh orange and lemon gives a fresh, delightfully refreshing taste and gives a sense of celebration.

Romantic Jasmine (Seductive Jasmine). Green tea with Jasmine flowers. The classic combination of precious varieties of green tea and Jasmine flowers creates a magical drink: easy, versatile, fresh as a spring morning, tune in to a romantic mood and meditation.

Charming Africa (Africa Magic). Rooibos blueberry. Exotic drink Rooibos grows exclusively in the Cedar mountains of South Africa, with a subtle nutty flavour goes perfectly with the unusual taste of the blueberries, which gives the drink a special magic and splendor.

Moon Valley (moon valley). Black tea with thyme, cornflower petals. Composition of thyme with mint embellished with citrus notes, which are disclosed in the aftertaste. Exquisitely beautiful blend, enchanting freshness of mountain herbs and delightfully light taste of tea is fascinating and pleasure.

White Tiger (White tiger). Milk Oolong. Tea SVAY “White tiger” is a combination of exquisite tenderness of the heavens and an amazing range of dairy flavor, accented by the taste of this Oolong. Like a delicate flower in the family of Oolong tea causes its unique taste is the most beautiful emotions and uplifting thoughts.

Wild Hunter (Wild hunter). Tea black PU-Erh. Young PU-erh tea has a light fruity aftertaste, dense tea-based and delicate wood fragrance. The rich taste of the tea liquid is revealed with each passing minute new music. The nobility of the composition will complete dense black color of the infusion.

SVAY at the pyramids for a kettle and sachets:

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