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World famous NESQUIK brand offers Ukrainian consumers updated chocolate drink NESQUIK Plus enriched with vitamin-mineral complex. Now a popular product manufactured by the improved recipe in new modern packaging design.

The new product was developed by Nestle in Switzerland with the needs of children growing up today. In the product increased content of valuable minerals, making NESQUIK Plus important component of a balanced diet for the children. Prepared with hot or cold milk, a delicious coffee drink would be a good start to the day, since NESQUIK Plus milk nourishes with vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy growth and comprehensive development of a child.

Oksana Argaiv, head of beverages Nestle in Ukraine: “Today we are pleased to present on the Ukrainian market updated NESQUIK chocolate drink. This brand for many years enjoyed extremely big popularity in Ukraine. Compared with neighbouring countries, the level of consumption of this chocolate drink per capita is much higher in Ukraine NESQUIK consume 4 times more than in Poland and 23 times more than in Hungary! The uniqueness of the new product lies in the fact that for the first time cocoa drink NESQUIK was created with the needs of the Ukrainian children: its recipe was updated by incorporating the vitamin-mineral complex product of iron and vitamins of group B. To overestimate the role of these elements in a child’s life is simply impossible. Iron is involved in the transportation of oxygen to cells of the brain, plays an important role in the mental development of the child and stimulates the ability to learn. And b vitamins help your body absorb from food energy and contribute to the harmonious functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system. In addition, NESQUIK Plus contains no additives, preservatives, stabilizers, dyes and GMOs. Delicious can actually be useful!

The revised NESQUIK Plus on the market of Ukraine is accompanied by an advertising campaign that was launched on national television in early January. The goal of the new advertising campaign to remind parents about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for the children. The author of the idea of a commercial is advertising Agency “McCann Erickson”.

Additional information:

Brand NESQUIK appeared in Ukraine in 1994. For 16 years he has won 80% of the market of children’s cocoa drinks. Chocolate drink NESQUIK Plus with vitamin-mineral complex is a natural source of energy and nutrients necessary for proper growth and development of the child. NESQUIK Plus contains more valuable microelements compared to conventional cocoa powder. A morning Cup of cocoa with milk will be a good beginning of the day, providing child new strength, vitality, good humor and a desire to learn something new, every day to understand themselves and the world around us.

Nestle is the largest food manufacturer in the world, adhering to the principles of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The company employs 280 thousand employees. Today, Nestle owns 449 factories in 83 countries around the world. Annual sales of Nestlé in the world reached in 2009 108 billion Swiss francs. Products Nestle presented in the markets of beverages, confectionery, culinary products, baby and special food, frozen food, ice cream, Breakfast cereals, mineral and table water, as well as pet food. In addition to food production, Nestlé owns shares of perfumery-cosmetic industry.

Nestle started its activity in Ukraine in 1994 with the opening of a representative office. Since then, the company promotes the following brands as Nescafe, Nesquik, Maggi, Nuts, Friskies, KitKat, etc. In 1998 Nestle S. A. acquired a controlling stake in CJSC “Lviv confectionary factory “Svitoch”. In may 2003 in Kiev based Nestle Ukraine”. At the end of 2003 Nestle S. A. acquired 100% stake in the company “Volynholding” (TM “Torchin”). In 2010, Nestle Ukraine” has acquired LLC “Technocom”, the manufacturer of fast food products under the TM “Mivina”.

The Nestle business in Ukraine is represented by the following directions: coffee and beverages, confectionery, cookery (cold sauces, seasonings, soups), fast food, and special children’s meals, Breakfast cereals, pet food, ice cream.

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