The Baileys liqueur at home homemade

In metal ware it is necessary to mix all the ingredients except vodka. Can ice to water, or to make the crumb of butter and cinnamon, bake, crumble and pour homemade Bailey’s – a lot of options, and most importantly – no need to poison the body with all sorts of additives.

After all of this filtered through cheesecloth our future Baileys liqueur. All pour the alcohol of 60% (600 ml).

Liquor copany bottles of vodka, 50 g of natural coffee, 250 grams of sugar. Then whisk the whole mass. All are used, this drink can only be purchased in retail. When we see a dense homogeneous structure, stopping to whisk, pour in the vodka and gently stir with a spoon for 5 minutes.

Baileys Irish cream liqueur produced since 1974. Prepared liquors by spirtovanie fruit infusions with traditional herbs in the form of essences and essential oils.

For the second recipe to cook the Baileys liqueur at home is much more difficult, but the taste will be as close as possible to the creation of the Irish masters.

By the way, the taste got a little chocolate instead of coffee spoons you should add the melted chocolate. In the received mix add instant coffee granules and whisk again.

To begin, mix with mixer the egg yolks, condensed milk and vanilla sugar – derived homogeneous mass. At this time, whisk the cream with vanilla sugar, pour it in the mass of condensed milk and cooled chocolate. Even cooked at home, this liqueur will surprise you and delight you with its taste.

“Baileys” at home you can cook in one more way.

Until the chocolate is heated, begin to beat the chilled cream with vanilla or vanilla sugar. So they usualis quickly, their pre-cooled.

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Cream with a fat content of not less than 20 % — 400 ml ( can be replaced with evaporated milk, then take it to one Bank). Finally add the vodka and carefully mix everything.

There are several options for homemade Baileys liqueur. Strawberries to fall asleep to a bottle with a wide neck, pour vodka to put on 4 days in a warm place on a Sunny windowsill. Leave the liquor on the night stand, and cover capacity is not necessary. They are added for thickness and for a rich creamy tint. Leave at room temperature for 2 h, and then put into the refrigerator for another 2 h. the Liqueur is ready!

The Baileys liqueur at home: homemade, chocolate, coffee

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