The healing properties of tea

The healing properties of tea

Black tea — is a beverage that is designed not only to quench thirst, but also as therapeutic targets.

For black tea characterized by the following properties:

The universality of the impact on all kinds of exchange,

The complete absence of side effects,

Preventive and curative properties.

Many scientists noticed that creative people, drinking black tea in the course of its activities, improve their performance and concentration. Besides, it is a miracle drink enhances the imagination and contributes to the emergence of new and advanced ideas.

And, indeed, the Cup of black tea can improve mental processes almost 10 percent within 45 minutes!

Usually tea tonic effect on the human body begins after 30 minutes after its consumption, and continues to last, slowly fading, about five or six hours. For good reason, the so-called morning “lark” start your day with a fresh Cup of flavored black tea.

By the way, the perfect complement to this incredible beverage that can serve various herbal supplements. Such “tonic” can not only enhance your performance but also to prevent the “seasonal” diseases: influenza, SARS, etc.

So, for example, several recipes medicinal teas based on 1 liter of boiling water.

Vitamin rosehip tea and currant leaves. You’ll need: one piece of black baikhovi welding, one part of black currant leaves and five parts of rose hips.

Tea forest fruits. You’ll need: one piece of black baikhovi welding, the two parts of the rose and one part black currant leaves, strawberry and BlackBerry.

Refreshing tea. You’ll need: one piece of black baikhovi welding and one part dried raspberry fruit. In addition, you can add the currant leaves and oregano.

Vitamin tea from wild herbs. You’ll need: one piece of black baikhovi tea, one part nettle leaf, St. John’s wort, oregano and taste, you can add wormwood or tansy.

In any of the above teas safely put a slice of lemon or its juice. Believe me, this fragrance will invigorate You whole knocks!

Green tea

Let the green tea is not classified as a drug, it contains a large amount of substances, which have an efficiency of not less than many medical preparations, and in Chinese medicine is recognized as one of the main sources of health.

Green tea is recognized as the first of 10 foods that promote longevity and good health. Besides its wonderful taste and aroma, it contains significant amounts of substances, to the right person: vitamins C, P, b, K, PP, caffeine, essential oils, tannin, theobromine, and fluorine, zinc, iodine, copper and manganese.

Experts of the center of cancer research in Japan for ten years surveyed 9,000 people and found that those who drank 9-10 cups of green tea per day lived an average of six to seven years longer than those who drank less than three cups. In addition, it was found that among the admirers of green tea cases of all types of cancer was 25-30% less. Also green tea accelerates the decomposition in the blood fat and cholesterol, and it is atherosclerosis, heart disease.

Regular consumption of tea maintains the elasticity of blood vessels, inhibits the overall aging of the body and prevents fatty liver. Green tea also promotes weight loss, pressure leaching of salts. Scientifically proven ability of tea to strengthen the immune system, relieve spasms of cerebral vessels, strengthen the heart, relieve depression, improve sleep, strengthen the nervous system, increase sexual energy.

In the Netherlands, scientists conducted a special test on human volunteers. The part from them daily drinking 5 cups of tea, the other part is people were drinking coffee. A month later, the tests showed that people who drank tea, the higher rates of immune system activity.

It is known that green tea has powerful bactericidal action. Moreover, the higher the grade, the better its antibacterial activity. Very important, after standing for two or three days, green tea infusion, losing its aromatic and taste properties, acquires a greater bactericidal effect. So do not rush to pour tea – like infusion can be used externally.

Green tea is even used for caries prevention, only need to periodically rinse the teeth freshly brewed tea. More tea is often used as a means of losing weight. It increases metabolism and accelerates the removal of fat from the body. It is proven that green tea can prevent diabetes. The polysaccharides in green tea help to stabilize blood sugar levels.

In addition to the normalization of the body, and green tea is powerful spiritual stimulant. This is why green tea is used in Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony. It is proven that green tea can prevent diabetes. In particular, the polysaccharides in green tea help to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Green tea extract is widely used in cosmetics due to its ability to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, improve complexion and slow the aging process, it enters into the composition of many scrubs, creams, masks and shampoos.

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