The range of black and green tea

The assortment of teas in the Cantata

Our company has been around for 14 years, and it presents assortment of tea can satisfy any gourmet. We offer different varieties — from the ever-popular classics to tea with exotic fruits and even vegetables.

So happened that in our country most people prefer dark tea light. Given this caveat, we have selected a wide range of black tea. You can try unique drinks with a long history — collector’s grade without additives, with a unique and noble taste. This aged puerh, and twisted into graceful beads tea “Black pearl”, and, of course, incomparable tea. Multifaceted combination of tea with chocolate, nuts, spices, fruits and flowers will also pamper the taste buds and create the atmosphere of coziness. Speaking

of which, our company presents an array of drinks. Depending on their popularity among the guests of varying our galleries assortment of teas in each store may vary. Full range of drinks is available in the online store “Cantata”.

If we consider green tea, its range is also quite diverse. You will find such popular varieties as milk Oolong, lung Ching, “the Chinese Dream lover”, and extremely rare, such as match, tai ping HOU Kui and “Jasmine butterfly”. In blends with green and black tea, you will find candied tropical fruits, berries, almond and walnut, the delicate petals of rose, cornflower and Jasmine, herbs and piquant spices, pieces of caramel, dark and white chocolate, zest of citruses and flowers — all that harmonizes and gives the tea’s original taste and aroma.

In the “Cantata” presents a variety of drinks that are created specifically for our network, respectively, they can not find anywhere else. This “Summer Presto” with Goji berries, and apples of Gold” with gold chocolate dragees and Japan superior gold, and many others.

Tea, in its extensive range of products you can buy in galleries and online store “Cantata”. Find your favorite beverage!

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