The types and varieties of useful properties of tea

Common fragrant drink it tea, can bring together different people or to bring to the kitchen table, a Round Table, which swept aside all quarrels, as a bad COP. Also fragrant drink strengthens the immune system, fills the body with energy and gives strength. The tea is healed both body and soul.

The vitamins in tea

In China believe that tea is better than wine, as it strengthens and invigorates, not intoxicating a person, and better than water because it contains no bacteria. Tea integrates multiple functions: thirst quencher and allows for a long time without food. All tea varieties refresh and

tone, prevent and suppress infectious diseases. Just drink a lot of antioxidants – polyphenols and flavonoids that protect against various diseases.

Healing tea was opened some five thousand years ago by the Chinese, who studied the characteristics of the tea Bush called Camellia sinensis. According to legend, tea was introduced during the creation of Heaven and Earth, and he belongs to Yang di the Lord of the Sun. In Japan, the tea party is part of the local culture and the Japanese believe that the tea Bush grew up in that place, on which fell the eyelids of the Prince of Daruma, which he cut, in order not to fall asleep during meditation. From Camellia sinensis and its numerous hybrids come on all kinds of tea: green, black, red and white. They all differ only by the method of processing and the characteristics of nurturing. The quality of the tea depends on the climate, soil and time of collection. Therefore, varieties of the drink, there are countless. Consider the most interesting of them.

White pearl

What is it? This kind of tea is the ancestor of all types of this drink. The legend says that when the Governor Chen Nan, who was drinking only boiled water, resting under a tea Bush, to his bowl fell a couple of small leaves. So mankind and opened a tea, including white grape, which in ancient times was served exclusively at the Emperor’s court. Harvest “Royal tea” is going to really royally: only two days a year (in early September and early April) and within a few hours. Collect only barely opened leaves, covered with barely visible fuzz. To create elite varieties come from the top of the kidneys, like buds. They are called “cilia white” Bai Hoa. The processing itself – the procedure is simple: the tea leaves for a minute hold on a few, and then dried. So they do not lose its original color and beneficial properties.

Why is it useful? In the homeland of porcelain and silk white tea is considered the elixir of immortality. It prevents the development of cancer of the intestines and stomach, as it contains a large amount of EGCG – substances with antioxidant and anticancer properties. White tea is even healthier green, who is also struggling with cancer. Fragrant infusion of white tea effectively protects against the development of malignant tumors.

White tea is rich in vitamins. One Cup of the body gets as much use as four glasses of fresh orange juice. “Bubble sheet” contains a lot of vitamin C. it is Present in tea and vita-substance B1, through which “white” drink strengthens the immune system and provides protection from bacteria and viruses. Contained in tea vitamin P enhances the cardiovascular system and strengthens blood vessels. White tea fights tooth decay and improve dental health in General. Also drink prolongs youth, as better than other teas resists the damaging effects of free radicals.

How to brew? Warmed teapot, pour 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture, pour boiled water and insist 5 minutes. Water for brewing should not be too hot (no more than 50-70 degrees) to preserve the healing properties. The kettle is better to choose ceramic or porcelain, as in enameled flavor mixes.

Green gold

What is it? Green tea is a fragrant drink with brownish-green, Golden, and sometimes herbaceous undertone. Foodies can recognize the aroma of the fragrant beverage, citrus, floral and meadow notes. When making green tea, the fermentation process stops immediately after harvest, so that the drink does not lose its biologically active substances.

Why is it useful? The whole set of vitamins, supplemented by numerous trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, etc. can work wonders. Tea relieves stress, improves tone of the skin, slows the aging process, detoxifies the skin, helps get rid of excess weight and normalizes metabolism. Green tea leaves have excellent healing properties. Drinking before eating a Cup of this drink, you normalize digestion and are protected from stomach problems. Catechin contained in green tea provides protection against cancer. Tea is good and apnea – violation of breathing during sleep. The elderly should also add green tea to your diet, as it reduces pressure and improves memory, even the very elderly. And students should drink green tea before the exam, as the leaves contain much tannin and caffeine – this couple will improve the efficiency and activates the life force.

How to brew? Rinse the teapot with boiling water 3-4 times. The ideal is considered to be ware of red baked clay, but you can use porcelain or porcelain. Welding (1 tsp per Cup) should be poured with water temperature of 85 degrees (the temperature in the middle of the boil). The drink is brewed for 5 minutes and poured into a Cup to not appear bitter. Important: green tea should be drunk without sugar to drink has not lost the taste and useful properties.

Red heat

What is it? This kind of tea is called Oolong or Oolong. It is believed that this tea due to bad weather: night time tea plantation wrapped fog, resulting in changed the entire crop. And there was tea, whose fermentation is subjected to only a portion of the sheet. The infusion of modern half-fermented tea (Oolong tea) has a spicy, floral and honey aroma. To distinguish this tea variety from other easy: Oolong tea is always sold only in whole leaf form and has no impurities. The leaves are the most expensive varieties of tea have a nifty ebb – with a spark. Oolong sometimes referred to as yellow or blue. Yellow Oolong has a low level of fermentation (10-20 percent) and close in its properties to green tea. Blue, on the contrary, highly fermented and tastes like black tea.

Why is it useful? Chinese scientists believe that Oolong tea better than other types of tea strengthens the immune system and prolongs life. It contains numerous polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids, useful sugar. Thanks to all that drink perfectly calms the nervous system, purifies the blood and dilates blood vessels. Oolong tea can warm, when it’s cold weather, so it’s perfect for winter evenings. Adding a Cup of red tea milk, you get rid of insomnia.

How to brew? Less fermented Oolong welded similarly to green tea, and strongly fermented as black.

Black doctor

What is it? Strong tea with a faint bitterness. This kind of tea can have light brown, red-brown and Golden shades, and also have overflow on the tea leaves. Tea is subjected to absolute fermentation, which lasts from a couple weeks to a month.

Why is it useful? Tea contains minerals, vitamins, tanning ingredients and essential oils, so it invigorates well, fights infection, improves mood. Black tea contains large amounts of caffeine – not as much as in coffee: tea the caffeine is slowly absorbed, but remain in the body longer. Also it improves the functioning of the heart, digestive system and kidneys. Like red tea, black effectively warms in the winter cold, and summer tones and quenches thirst. Also recently, British researchers found that black tea promotes rapid recovery after trauma, because it helps to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone). This drink provides a healthy breathing: destroys oral bacteria, strengthens the tooth enamel and gums.

How to brew? Need to warm up the kettle and pour the brew boiled water 90-100 degrees. Insist drink up to 7 minutes.

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