Toothpaste with white tea

Functional features

One paste, triple care:

The fight against tooth decay without fluoride. Substances white tea + calcium glycerophosphate + xylitol strengthens the teeth against caries.

Deep cleansing. Antibacterial triclosan and soft silicate abrasives clean your mouth, keep it healthy.

Strengthening the gums . Chloride of strontium and aloe protect gums.

Quick demonstration of toothpaste the company’s DreamTeam.

We see that the paste Lounici absorbs quickly, therefore all the nutrients penetrate into the gums and nourish them. The white tea extract boosts immunity amounts of interferon. Thanks to the white tea toothpaste is a powerful antioxidant that prevents generation of free radicals. At the same time the rest of the paste can be easily removed sufficiently, rinse mouth with water.

The effect of white tea

White tea is able to withstand free radical damage in the human body and those that occur in the skin due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation and environmental pollution. It also prevents synthesis of excess fat. This function it performs 10 times more active than green tea. It was noticed that white tea is more effective than vitamins C and E.

In 2003 in the 8th edition of “News of the tea leaves” printed summary translation of research Professor of medicine, Harvard University, USA. He reports that drinking white tea increases the secretion of interferon by the immune cells of the blood 5 times.

28 may 2004 in the U.S. “Scientific newspaper” published an article “the Disinfection properties of white tea better than green”. The quote from the article about the latest research Professor pace University (G. New York): “the white tea Extracts prevent the growth and development of bacteria that cause staph and strep infection, pneumonia, etc.”

In 2005, the American research chemical conference in San Francisco, an American doctor of biology Rodak reported that white tea has a much stronger anti-cancer potential than any

another kind of tea.

In 2005, 18 edition of “News of the tea leaves” were described in the article of the famous English magazine. It was confirmed a beneficial effect of white tea on human health. In ancient China it was known that white tea has the following properties: lowers fever, reduces inflammation, increases perspiration, removes rheumatism, prevents sunstroke.

The mechanism of action of white tea

The content of free radicals in the white tea is the lowest. Excessive amounts of free radicals is the most important cause of human aging and pathological changes in his body. The content of free radicals in other types of tea exceeds their content in white tea 1.6 – 143 times.

The content of flavanones in the white tea is the highest. Flavanone have a very strong antioxidant effect. During processing, the content of flavanones in the white tea increases 16.2 times, and exceeds their content in other teas 14.2 – 21.4 times.

The disinfection properties of white tea better than green. The white tea extracts prevent the growth and development of bacteria that cause staph and strep infection, pneumonia, etc.

Multifunctional toothpaste with white tea “Longliqi” embodies the most advanced technologies. Add in the extracts of white tea in combination with other active substances provides a number of important functions. Substances not containing in the composition of the fluoride against caries, deep cleans teeth and gums without causing damage, strengthen the gums to prevent tooth sensitivity that enables seamless use of cold, hot and acidic food.

Opinion Leader

There are so many different toothpastes sold in pharmacies and shop, but somehow the problems toothache they are not removed. And whether toothpaste to solve the problem of a toothache? The Company DreamTeam in the range included the new toothpaste with white tea. What is so good white tea in the composition of toothpaste?

The ingredients in white tea contribute to generation of large quantities of interferon, which directly increases the immunity of human body. In addition, white tea is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates harmful effects of free radicals.

It is clear that this is not the main thing that you need it for toothpaste. The pasta should still have a good cleansing effect and contribute to this mild abrasive substances in its composition. Latest antibacterial ingredients to deeply cleanse the mouth and kill bacteria. Calcium and aloe strengthen teeth and gums, prevent the formation of Tartar.

In the composition of the paste and another substance, which at first glance worrying is the chloride of strontium. Fright passes, it is necessary to set the search online. Professionals have long known that the chloride of strontium has the ability to reduce the sensitivity of dentin by reducing the conductivity of the dentinal tubules due to their overlap that is used in some dental compositions.

So what is this tubules and why you need to reduce the sensitivity? With this question I turned to the dentist from my patterns. Very accessible language, she explained that the sensitivity of these tubules gives pain after dental treatment. I think all of you have not experienced. The teeth are cured, and the feeling that they all cheer.

Sometimes the pain manifests itself in one tooth when taking hot or cold foods or with pressure on the tooth. Often it occurs after dental treatment or after bleaching. This dental pain disproportionately affect people from 30 to 50 years. At a younger age dental problems are rare and tubules still closed. And after 50 years, the dentin is already less sensitive. That is why this toothpaste is not recommended for children, they have not broken dental covers.

Toothpaste with strontium chloride helps to quickly remove the pain arising due to the opening of the dentinal tubules, preventing its occurrence. Chloride of strontium covers the dentinal tubules and dentin sensitivity to stimuli is reduced, the pain stops.

Besides toothpaste, all the nutrients must penetrate into the gum tissue, thereby to nourish the roots of the teeth and heal gums, while the rest of the paste should be easily removed by simple rinsing the mouth with plain water (see illustrative presentation of our toothpaste in the video above on this page).

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