Useful properties of leaf tea for weight loss

The world has enough people who are obese. And it happens for various reasons. In some plays the hereditary factor, the other is a psychological dependence on food. But everyone wants to become slim. Why slimming not to use kuding tea?

A strange drink of the olive family

The so-called “tea grows in southern China. Judging by the taste, it is called “bitter herb”. Ku Ding Tea is obtained from the Paraguayan Holly.

It is not classified as a tea, as this sheet is not a tea plant, and plants

of the family of oilseeds. And its appearance usually resembles the spindle, as the sheets tightly twisted.

But there is another form – bricks (compressed tea). This variety is mild in taste and not as bitter. Try Kudin Shui Xiu is one of the best varieties.

Useful properties of bitter tea

Helps to quickly lose weight. But, know that spears Kudin have a slight diuretic effect, and so in order to lose weight it is recommended to use mainly in the first half of the day.

Besides Kudin perfectly invigorates and tones your body.

Incredible, but tea has only 2 calories, and it saturates so that after – do not want to eat! Because this drink contains a lot of caffeine, which reduces your appetite. Calories become less and the pounds go. Caffeine contained in green tea, and black coffee, but in large quantities.

And, in addition, the leaves of Holly are rich in various vitamins and trace elements. Vital vitamins C, E, zinc and iron, ” part of the drink.

In addition, javelin tea normalize metabolic processes in the human body, helps in quick digestion of food, increase the activity of liver enzymes, which contributes to more rapid metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Among other things, a bitter herb has many positive reviews from people who have finally been able to lose weight. After all, Ku Ding regulates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

By the way: this herb also has medicinal properties: pressure and sugar leads to normal; it helps with colds and respiratory diseases. Ku Ding (the correct name) has a strong cleansing effect.

The use of the drink

When you start to drink kuding tea for weight loss, you will need to learn to feel your body. Don’t need to eat when you not hungry. Try to consume less salty food, she retains excess fluid, edema and then extra pounds.

The infusion is forbidden to take on an empty stomach, you should eat something from protein foods, such as cheese.

Taking the drink, drink more pure water.

Brew the leaves when the water temperature is not more than 80 degrees. If the water is hot, and the infusion will be very bitter, with an unpleasant aftertaste of wormwood.

Do not drink this drink with sugar, candy, honey or lemon.

People with a high body mass Kudin really helps:

after prolonged use Kudin in humans stabilize all the basic life processes, improve performance and physical activity.

Many also believe that Kudin helps in restoring cardiac activity. However, we know that heart diseases are prohibited energizing herbs – so be sure to consult an expert.

For successful weight loss you need everyday to drink two – three cups a day of invigorating tea, and go on a low calorie eating right.

Don’t fill up at night and listen to your body, otherwise, even tea Ku Ding will not be able to cope with your problem.

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