What’s the use of ice cream Woman s Day

Ice cream seems to taste better, but at the same time, and caloric. Fruit sorbet, it is useful for health and shape. How are things really?

Our experts:

On hot days, ice cream gives us freshness and pleasure. Melting, tender – a real delight for our taste buds. It has useful elements: vitamins, protein and calcium from milk, which is its Foundation. Disadvantage is its high calorie content. In ice cream quite a lot of saturated fat (the risk for the cardiovascular system) and sugar (empty calories). However, the calorie content per serving (100 grams) can range from 70 to 250 calories. How does

it choose?

Where are the calories

Classic dairy ice cream has calories 70 calories per serving – even people who follow a diet, can afford to eat one scoop (50 g) of ice cream per day. Other business – ice cream and frozen desserts (ice-cream cakes). caramel cone, chocolate frosting, chopped nuts and fillers turn a moderately high-calorie treat in the concentrate of sugar and fat. Except milk, butter and sugar ice cream may contain nuts and peanuts are a common allergen. The presence of emulsifiers and preservatives in ice cream, produced industrially, just inevitable, but because it is not the basis of the diet, but only a rare treat, harm to the body they do not carry. But homemade ice cream is home-made, as it is called in some restaurants) often made on the basis of only natural ingredients – it is not just delicious, but also healthy, although quite high in calories.

To make at home

Sorbet can be prepared from fruits with no added sugar: mix it in the blender to smooth puree, put in a plastic container or package for freezing and place in the freezer. Once the mixture cools, chop the sorbet with a fork and you get a delicious ice cream that you want to use within 48 hours.

If industrial ice cream contains much more fat, sorbet – much less sugar.

With milk or without?

Ice cream seems to us to be more nutritious, and sorbet (frozen juice) – more than dietary, but not quite. If the classic recipes of sorbets really slightly less caloric than ice cream, in our days, the difference is tiny: industrial ice cream contains far less fat and sorbet – much more sugar. There is no ice cream milk, which is suitable even for people suffering from deficiency of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down milk sugar), – in fruit varieties this ice cream soya milk or yogurt. By the way, ice-cream, where animal fat is replaced by vegetable, does not always cause the approval of nutritionists. It is really less cholesterol, dangerous for vessels, but, as a rule, more various flavorings – because milk fat gives ice cream a delicate creamy taste that we like and the lack of which in this case it is necessary to compensate.

Ice cream for kids!

This is a favorite treat of children and to deprive them of it, there is no reason, says the pediatrician, nutritionist Tatiana Sorvacheva. The main thing is to comply with the measure and to monitor the quality of the product.

Ice cream is nutritious and rich in calories, contains milk fat, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins a, D, E. In dairy ice cream a lot of calcium in the fruit and vitamin C. If your child does not like milk, ice cream in some extent can compensate for the lack of nutrients. A huge selection of ice cream, but the kids three to seven years, it is better to give the classic kinds of Goodies: milk, cream, ice-cream, with no additives or fillers, which can be a potential allergen.

Before buying is to check the ingredients listed on the label: the more the product of natural ingredients, the better. Buying ice-cream, pay attention to the conditions of storage. The temperature in the freezer should be no higher than -18°C; if this condition is not maintained, the ice cream melts, sometimes frozen again – it is possible to notice, appreciating its texture, consistency, smell and color. Preferred ice cream in portion packages (glass, horn, briquette, which can be eaten directly, and do not put it in the fridge.

Children are prone to colds, should not give much frozen milk ice cream, fruit ice or sorbet is really a test for the throat. By the way, eating ice cream can be learned: better to do it after eating, slowly, savoring every bite.

A refreshing sorbet

This delicacy comes from the East, where already many centuries ago learned to cook a mixture of fruit, syrup and snow. Modern sorbets – this is a frozen mixture of water, sugar, fruit pieces, fruit puree or juice with added natural or artificial flavors and sometimes – wine or liquor. Sorbets that you can find on the market, contain from 10% to 25% fruit. There are light sorbets, sugar content, which reduced or replaced with a sweetener.

Pros sorbet: it 50–70% consists of water, quenches thirst and nourishes with vitamins fruits – industrial freezing is done almost immediately after harvest, and loss of nutrients is negligible. However, in the heat sorbet can not replace drinking water and fresh fruit.

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