White tea

Some researchers believe that the first known tea, was white. According to the legend, known to the farmer, learning new plants, tried some of them on taste, and he became very ill. He lay down under a tree, from which fell a drop of juice directly into his mouth, after which he was completely healed. The tree under which lay the farmer, was tea. Learned about the miraculous healing of many learned how to brew it and began to use the leaves to prepare a medicinal drink. Today, white tea is grown and produced in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and, of course, China.

Types of white tea

Essentially, white tea, which is also used for weight loss, is sun-dried top leaves and buds of the plant. Its name derives from the silvery white hairs on the buds that persist even after treatment, unlike other types of tea. There are four kinds of white teas. These are two high-grade White Peony and Silver Needle”, as well as two lower – grade “Eyebrows of Longevity” and “Gift Eyebrow”.

The best grade of white tea is tea “Silver Needle”. This tea is made from unopened young leaves and buds. It has a sweet taste, fresh and clean scent and is often used for weight loss. Collect this type of tea only in the morning and only a few days a year when the most pronounced healing properties. Tea “White Peony” except unopened leaves and buds is with attempted leaves, making it not so refined. But the aroma and taste of this tea is more distinct and strong.

As for low-grade white teas, it is made up of old dried tea leaves or scraps that remained after the production of high-grade tea. Buying in stores today white teas, you can be sure that this is low-grade, as this tea can not long be kept and not stand up to hard transportation.

Properties of white tea

Because white tea is not subjected to heat treatment, it retains all its properties and has the greatest benefit among other drinks. It contains vitamins C, B1 and R. This tea is used for weight loss, it is remarkably strengthens the immune system, increases blood clotting, promotes wound healing, prevents the development of caries, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. A huge benefit to the body and bring its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. But it is essential to observe the technology of its production and preparation, otherwise it can cause harm.

How to brew white tea

To brew white tea for weight loss, you need to only take soft water with a temperature not exceeding 70°C. It is known that more hot water is harmful to the tea leaves, kills all the taste and aroma of the drink. Tea is not recommended for a long time to brew, because then he can become bitter, but this can be done repeatedly. Just order the drink became pale greenish color. For brewing better to take a glass or pottery, but not one in which other brewed teas.

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