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What is white tea

Elite, elegant, dear. These associations do we have the phrase white tea. The history of its cultivation reaches the depth of centuries: more than eight centuries, this tea was served to several generations of emperors. Changed the dynasty, and white tea has remained the same all exquisite gift, as many centuries ago.

White tea undergoes minimal fermentation . only 5-7 %, this

means that the tea leaf retains the best of their useful properties and taste. Typically for white tea meets flush with the tea Bush, that the kidney is covered with delicate white down 1-3 and leaves. The most expensive teas consist exclusively of tea buds.

The art of making white tea is strictly regulated and if, for example, green and black teas have many, white teas there are only six species . The main ones are:

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle)

Bai Mu Dan (White Peony)

Show Mei (Eyebrows Elder)

Gong Mei (Gift)

The most popular types of white tea are Silver Needle and White peony. which you can buy in our online store. The price of white tea is high not only because white tea consists only of the most expensive parts of the tea Bush, but also because the period of its collection of strictly limited in time.

White tea is only harvested two months a year: in April and September. This happens due to the time period from 5 to 9 o’clock in the morning. Collectors tea leaves undergo a rigorous selection, in addition, a few days before collection they are forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol, and even, sharp spices and garlic. In addition to the girls, whose lunar cycle fell on the period of the collection, also not allowed to process.

Collection white tea is bordered by Ordinance, its purpose — to protect the tea leaves from unnecessary contact with any flavors and substances. If during the tea-picking a strong wind blows or it rains, the crop is believed to have been killed. At this time the already considerable price for white tea on the market skyrockets.

How to brew white tea

Fair to note that even carefully collected and properly stored white tea can be completely wrong to destroy the technology of brewing.To prevent this, adhere to these rules when brewing white tea :

use for brewing porcelain or glass dish;

before falling asleep welding in a teapot — warm it over steam or hot boiled water and Pat dry;

boil the kettle and put it to cool for about 5 minutes (so that the water has cooled down to the desired, for brewing white tea, a temperature of 75-80°C);

pour in the brew kettle at the rate of 2 teaspoons of tea in the teapot (capacity 350-400ml;

soak the first welding 20, increasing each subsequent brew for 20 seconds (high-quality white tea can be brewed up to 5 times);

enjoy the perfect tea party!

Storage white tea

Not be amiss to know how to store white tea is that it has not lost its properties. For long term storage of white tea will suit glass (opaque) or ceramic cookware with tight-fitting lid. Before falling asleep, the tea infuser into storage make sure that the dishes are free from foreign odors. Also it is not desirable to store white tea near spices or other aromatic products. White tea — an individualist and does not tolerate neighbourhood.

The benefits of white tea are undeniable:

the mild cleansing of the body;

eliminating fatigue and irritability;

relaxation, anti-depressant properties;

the lowest content of caffeine and tannin among all kinds of tea;

the rich content of mineral substances, essential oils;

Harm white tea is minimal, the main thing is not to insist the tea 15 minutes and more and not to re-brew white tea, which was brewed the day before.

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